Stress Triggers Emotional Eater

ONE of eating disorders that may not be known by many people is an emotional eating. Eating excessive amounts of food in times of stress is a symptom of emotional eating.
Many people feel that to forget the stress one way to eat excessively. Without realizing it, these eating habits will trigger the sufferer to eat based on emotions. They think that the food is the only way out to get over the stress.
Emotional eaters often eat large portions. When they get involved in the food, they can forget their problems. When feeling emotionally upset, they can not control the urge, and ended up eating too much food, so that was launched Magforwoman.
Usually emotional eaters prefer fattening foods, such as sweet or salty foods. When feeling stressed up, they do not switch to healthier foods, such as grains or fruits. The study revealed that people are emotional eaters when they become a victim of boredom, stress, depression, loneliness, frustration, chronic anger, or anxiety.
Emotional eaters tend to gain excess weight. Although emotional eating is one of the reasons why many people become overweight, does not mean that someone who is overweight should be an emotional eater.