Thus Sleep Medication Side Effects

IF you are one who requires the use of sleeping pills in order to sleep easy? Think back to a regular intake of sleeping pills you consume. Because if used in the long term can cause health problems.
Sleeping pills are generally recommended by doctors to treat insomnia that affects millions of people worldwide. However, most doctors recommend the use of a mild dose only if you need medication.
Insomnia is a disorder that rely on sleeping pills every day to get a good sleep. You may be prone to developing this habit as an addiction, as all artificial sleeping pills tend to be addictive. Basically, there are two types of addiction caused by sleeping pills. First, if you can not sleep well if not eating or sleeping pill addiction both, you become so dependent on these pills and if you do not take sleeping pills, you can stay awake for a week, so that was launched Magforwoman.
Most drugs have side effects and sleeping pills are not excluded from this category. So, if you are recently developed the habit of sleeping pills mengonsimsi, then be prepared to deal with health hazards such as burning sensations in the hands, arms, feet or legs, constipation, decreased appetite, difficulty in maintaining balance, diarrhea, drowsiness, dizziness, gas , headache, dry mouth or sore throat, heartburn, abdominal pain, weakness, unusual dreams, mood swings, and so on.
In addition to these harmful side effects, addiction to sleeping pills can also lead to more complex diseases such as parasomnias. It is a disorder in which you suffer from uncontrollable behaviors such as sleep walking.

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