Pare bitter Twilight Powerful Prevent Blindness and Cataract

Who does not know pare. This green vegetable is less popular because of its bitter taste is known. Though there is bitterness behind a million benefits and nutrients that are good for your body.
The food is bitter and unappealing to many people of a variety of benefits, both nutritional and medicinal. Pare is a good source of some vitamins and good for a low-calorie diet. Apparently pare vegetables is a good choice for calorie diet. 1 serving (equivalent to 1 cup) of vegetables this only adds 24 calories to your meal. Bitter melon is also low in fat which contains only 0.2 g per serving, as reported by LIVESTRONG.
One serving pare meet all your daily vitamin K. Vitamin K is available in bitter vegetables reduces the risk of excessive bleeding and contribute to the integrity of your bones. Antibiotics will probably eliminate vitamin K from your body, so that by consuming foods such as bitter melon is a good choice to increase your intake.
In addition to vitamin K, bitter melon also contains vitamin C which is good. A serving of vegetables skinned wave contains 54 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C, which makes it a good choice for the health of blood vessels due to their impact on the production of collagen. You need vitamin C to heal injuries, including broken bones and skin wounds. Antioxidants in it also contributes to the protection against free radical damage that can lead to several types of cancer and other conditions.
There were approximately 28 percent of vitamin A that your body needs every day. You need vitamin A in vegetables is to keep the mucus membranes and other soft tissues of healthy as well as having other benefits for your eyes where this vitamin helps prevent night blindness and cataracts. However, consult with your doctor before you eat these vegetables as a treatment for medical conditions.