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This Way To Maintain a Healthy Body Organs In Every Day

To maintain the health of the body’s muscles and keep up appearances, exercise is absolutely necessary. But to treat the internal organs such as the lungs, heart and liver, exercise alone is not enough. There are a few things needed to keep the condition remains excellent.
There are many things that can be done to maintain the health of internal organs. Most of them are keeping food intake and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Because not visible from the outside, these organs are relatively more difficult to monitor, so keep running routine healthy habits.
As reported by the Body and Soul, Wednesday (03/06/2013), a few things you can do to maintain healthy organs are as follows:
1. Brain
Decrease the ability of the brain begins before the age of 40 years, so it should be a major concern. To keep the brain healthy, the way is to hone the ability to perform new activities, such as learning a foreign language and avid reader.
Water is one of the brain fuel. The body needs to eat every 2-3 hours, can be interrupted by snacking on nuts and seeds. Brain function can be improved by taking ginkgo biloba or fish oil supplements.
2. Lungs
In order for the lungs to remain healthy until old, avoid tobacco smoke, car exhaust and air pollution. Even wearing tight clothes can also weaken lung function by interrupting the movement to expand freely.
Not to forget, include plenty of fruits and vegetables in the diet, especially apples filled with vitamin E. This vitamin is associated with lung function optimally. To maintain lung health, eat cod liver oil or vitamin D supplements
3. Liver
Excessive alcohol consumption is not the only enemy of the liver or liver. Taking pain pills with excessive doses also cause acute liver failure are the most common. Excess vitamin A supplements can also burden the organ that filters toxins out of the body.
Try the lemon drink in the morning or drinking dandelion tea to stimulate the secretion of bile that the liver can get rid of toxins. Not to forget, make sure get the hepatitis vaccine to be protected from viruses known to attack the liver.
4. Heart
Damage to the organ that is most feared by a lot of people. Cholesterol, diabetes and unhealthy lifestyle can damage the heart. High blood pressure or hypertension is a killer that is difficult to detect because it often occurs without any symptoms manifest.
Live a cardiovascular exercise routine to maintain cardiac function. The heart is not functioning properly means not able to pump blood properly. Antioxidants also need to be taken and blood pressure checked regularly.
5. Kidney
There are several things that can cause kidney failure, ranging from a variety of medications such as aspirin, cholesterol-lowering drugs, and even some kinds of Chinese herbs. make sure the drugs as prescribed and use of drugs or herbs that have received marketing authorization.
Many drinks will also help the kidneys flush toxins. Make sure the amount does not exceed 3 liters of water a day. The source of drinking water should not be, it could be from green tea, fruit juices and vegetables.
6. Pancreas
Functioning pancreas releases enzymes to break down food. But if you’re constantly eating foods that are high in sugar, in addition to increase the risk of diabetes, it will also make the organ is overwhelmed by working too hard.
In order to stay healthy pancreas, keep your diet on a regular basis so that this organ does not have to work too hard. Also make sure not to overeat.