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Causes of lazy eye in children

Parents need to know the cause of lazy eye or amblyopia in children, said pediatric ophthalmologist from Jakarta Eye Center Kedoya, Dr. Florence Manurung, SpM.
“The eyes of the children’s development. But nothing prevents the development of eyes,” said Florence on Saturday.
Impaired development of vision in childhood will result in a severe reduction in vision.
Florence explained further that this disorder is generally confined to one eye, but sometimes the disorder also occurs in both eyes.
child's eyes“Obstacles that may interfere with the development of cataract or refractive eye like minus, plus, or cylinders,” said Florence.
Florence explained that the brain is used to seeing things blurry, so currently can not be repaired immediately see clearly, thus giving the impression of eyes.
Normally at the age of four years developing brain that processes vision is almost complete.
“But if the brain used to the blurred vision, it will be difficult to increase the ability to see after brain development is complete,” said Florence.
Then Florence emphasized that amblyopia can be handled safely when the child is under the age of four years, before brain development is complete.