Oily skin causes the Blackheads and Acne

The face is the main part of the body to be viewed directly by the people around you. Whoever you are wherever you are, surely people who care about you will see the face first before looking at other parts. Surely the people who want to always have the impression neat and well groomed you want to have a clean and healthy face, if you want it then you have to fight the two main enemies now easily attack the face and Acne Blackheads.
This lifestyle filled with instant foods and fried foods also cause most people will have an oily face that can cause blackheads and pimples. Blackheads can occur due to blockages in the pores of your skin can cause your pores to enlarge.
Acne occurs due to the amount of oil on the face that cause dirt easily attaches so that clog pores and keep dirt into the skin, causing what is called acne.
To cope with blackheads and acne then you should reduce the oil that is on the skin, namely by:
1. Keeping the skin clean face
If you have oily skin then you should always be diligent to clean the skin, especially after you come out of traveling. face wash for dirt and dust does not easily stick to the face.
2. Drink 8 glasses of water a day
Get used to drinking water because water is very good for maintaining healthy skin
3. Replace pad pillow where you sleep
Not replacing the pedestal where you sleep can cause your face more oily. Hair that touches the pillow you are able to produce oil and then stored in a pillow after it is absorbed by your face hits the pillow that was.
4. Limit eating food
Eating fried food is one of the major reasons why your face can have a lot of oil. Many people who previously did not have an oily face suddenly became easy greasy direct result of consuming these foods often enough.