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If Change Toothbrush Do not Wait fur Damage

A toothbrush can be a nest of germs. You also need to replace them regularly. Do not wait until the new scruffy toothbrush bristles replaced. Because eventually replace the toothbrush can make the cleaning of plaque and calculus from the teeth and gums are not optimal.
Maria Lopez Howell, a dentist and a spokesman American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that toothbrushes be replaced every four months. “I even mark the date of replacement toothbrush,” Howell said as quoted by the WSJ.
If your toothbrush is not showing signs have been used for the past four months, he added, perhaps you brush your teeth often too short.
As for the brush children’s teeth, may require more frequent replacement. This is because young children sometimes do not use it correctly.
Howell also suggests brushing your teeth for two minutes. In that time span is enough to clean between teeth. In addition, fluoride has enough time anyway to patch the tooth enamel.
Actually, that’s old toothbrush once would not be a nest of germs. ADA study showed no evidence that toothbrushes can be nest harmful organisms and can infect humans, although the user is infected with a cold or flu.
Based on the ADA, the toothbrush can carry germs, even when removed from the wrapper. But, Howell warned, “These bacteria are part of our lives.” Humans have a natural mechanism to fight it, including through the enzymes in our mouth, said Howell.
To kill germs, some people often heat the toothbrush. How can it be to kill germs or bacteria. The fact is, the temperature of boiling water or heat in the oven can damage the structure of the hair brush. “People think of something hot can make the goods become more clear. In this case, I think the straight hair brush and tidy would be more effective to clean the germs,” said Howell.
Brush your teeth stay clean as long as we clean and dry in order to silence him. “Do not cover the brush before sure it is completely dry,” he warned. Besides closing the wet toothbrush will only create a humid environment and potentially invite bacteria.