Difficult to Teach Children Brushing Teeth? Use the following trick

VERY difficult to teach children to brush their teeth regularly. Although you have done a variety of ways, often to no avail.
If you are also experiencing difficulties, you should create creativity in teaching them brushing. Here’s a tip that was launched Femalefirst.dalam encourage children to brush their teeth.
Get used to brush teeth in the family
Your child is a role model in terms of caring for their teeth at home. Therefore, they need to see you do it first. Do it together and the kids will feel part of the group, to keep in mind is the kids love to imitate, and this is important.
Give praise
Give praise when your child brush your teeth. Give them a compliment by congratulating a simple way in which they are brushing their teeth every time they are given credit for good behavior.
Do not force
If they refuse, sometimes it is difficult to tell the kids to brush their teeth, but do not force them. If they have learned before, then they will feel less when not brushing your teeth. They will tend to resist if you force him to go brush my teeth.
Use toys as an example
Brushing your teeth does not have to be boring habit, but may also enjoyable. Let your child pretend to brush their teeth first doll as an example, so that will teach your children to think that the toothbrush is fun. After that your child is not likely to resist when their turn arrives.
Explain to them the importance of brushing teeth
If you want your child to brush their teeth, your child needs to know why they should do it. Tell them about gathering bacteria in the mouth can make rotten teeth and cause gum disease if they do not brush.