Benefits of Facial Toner for Oily Skin

Many of the benefits of facial toner for oily skin. Especially in the summer like this, you need to pay attention to skin care. In the dry season, this type of skin requires more care because more often secrete oil that triggered the blockage of the pores by dust and other dirt. One way that is effective and practical for oily facial skin by using special facial toner for oily skin.
For oily skin, facial toner treatment is very beneficial for skin beauty. Here are some benefits:
* To remove the remnants of make-up that may still be left behind after cleaning.
* Able to minimize pores so skin feels tight.
* Can moisturize your face without causing a greasy face.
* Able to absorb oil and dirt in the face to the skin pores.
Able to balance the skin’s pH.
* The anti aging can help your skin look young.
* The content of glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy it may help prevent the growth of hair in order to prevent the onset of skin problems.
* Can reduce the introduction of dirt and other environmental kontamin into the skin.
* Can be used as a substitute for washing the face when the skin is oily or dirty.
* With the use of facial toner regularly can prevent acne, skin looks fresh and younger.
For those of you who have oily skin should use toner when oily or dirty due to excessive use of toner can stimulate the production of more oil that can cause acne. It is advisable to use a fragrance-free toner, vitamin B (to brighten the skin) and contains anti-aging (anti-aging). We recommend that you choose a toner that contains natural ingredients such as aloevera, green tea, cucumber due both to the face.