Rapid flu subsides, only the consumption of strawberries

Eating strawberries turns out to have many benefits. One of them is to cure the flu.
As it is justified by Vandana Sheth, RDN, CDE, spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. He explains that eating strawberries is a symbol of the warm weather that is also effective in relieving flu. In addition, the strawberry has a variety of content that a lot of benefits, especially antioxidants that can protect the body or heal someone with the flu.
He explained that the strawberries turned out to have a higher content of vitamin C than citrus fruits. Of course this is good news for those who are exposed to the flu, because abortion can help you recovery faster.
Although there was a sour taste resulting from strawberries, you do not need to fear an upset stomach when you eat them. The reason, doctors are recommending this as a red fruit intake were delicious. In addition to its water content is beneficial to keep you from dehydration, strawberries also effectively help spending your shit through. It is of course important because the cleaning process in the stomach also completed the bacteria that cause the flu. As a result, any flu quickly subsided.