Sport for Tightening Breasts

Make the women, the breast is one of the most important parts of the body that must be maintained. Especially after having children, as well as age, the breasts will be very much to lose firmness, not like when I was younger. Several attempts made though many women, such as breast using special creams or visit the spa special breast care.
There are several kinds of sports. Namely by using the tools, directly or indirectly, and only rely on the body without the aid of tools. Both their role is the same, namely an attempt to restore or tighten the breast, but it must be done on a regular basis because the results are not immediately visible when you are done occasionally.
Exercise to tighten breast movement without tools such as:
1. Done by standing in an upright position, palms met in front of the parts of the breast, pressing each movement, hold for 5 seconds, and repeat up to 10 times. Then handheld forearm (elbow), right forearm grip with your left hand and left forearm with the palm of his right hand, with the elbow shoulder length. Pull-pull in both directions (in and out) not to come off and repeat the movement 10 times.
2. Other movements, fingers reunited under the chin and then bend them in locked position and pull gently, hold for 5 minutes. Squatting her hands and knees pressed to the floor, arms stretched position exceeds the shoulders, keep your knees bent from the waist and elbows and pull slowly beginning to surface position.
3. Last movement exercise to tighten the breast, lay the body with knees bent, feet slightly, place the hands behind the head, then lifted the body up, move your right elbow so that the left knee, turn your body with your left elbow on your right knee, then lie down as before, then do the different direction.
4. Can also be a simple way that does not take too much, the applause as often as possible, arrange a meeting right palm and left front chest, then both hit each other tightly. Exercises to do three sets of each of ten counts, do every day while training arm and shoulder muscles.