Choosing The Right Sports Bra

What do we do when sports is actually as important as the clothing worn. Use of the wrong clothes can actually interfere with your movement activity during exercise, and could result in the possibility of injury. Similarly, a special sports bra. The right bra can support the breast well and prevent slack.
What is a sports bra?
Sports bra is a bra specifically for the sport that has been designed in such a way as to give maximum support to the breasts and minimize the occurrence of oscillation. Whatever the size of your breasts, sports bras still needed so that you can fully focus exercise.
Why Sport Bra is needed?
* Prevent breast reduction.
Breast consists mostly of fatty tissue that is not elastic. As long as you exercise, the movement of the breast will force the ligaments to stretch. As a result, the breasts will be sagging. This is why sports bras are needed, because it serves to continue to support your breasts remain in position and avoid any slack.
* Overcoming the pain
Breast movement in which high intensity can cause pain in the breast, as well as problems upper back and shoulders.
* Maintain humidity
Sports bras can absorb moisture from the skin and throw it away, so it stays dry and provide comfort to you.
* Minimize the pressure of the breast
Every movement is less support such as running, can cause three-dimensional movement of the top-down, inside out, and sideways. This will ultimately result in discomfort and tension in the breast. With a sports bra, it can at least be reduced.
Type Sport Bra?
Sports bras come in different shapes and sizes. But generally the use of sports bras are classified depending on the type of exercise you do.
* Compression Bra, as the name suggests, this bra breast pressing function of the chest wall to limit movement. This type is suitable for those who use the cups A and B.
* Encapsulation bras. This type has a cup that surrounds and supports both breasts separately. Ideal is for D and DD cup sizes.
* Compression / Encapsulation bras. This type is commonly referred to as the ‘bra combination’. Because of this bra uses a combination of two techniques to support your breasts. This type of bra is suitable for those who have cup sizes C and D.
Selecting Sport bra
There are several basic factors to keep in mind when choosing a sports bra:
* Each bra that specifies the support that is different. To minimize movement of the breast, you need to choose a bra that provides maximum support. Sure, bigger breasts requires stronger support.
* Materials bra. To prevent blisters, you should pay attention to the humidity of the bra material. Stay away from the bra with cotton 100%, because once you start sweating, they will forever wet.
* Check the Straps. Make sure the straps are wide enough and not elastic. Narrow straps are also not recommended because it will make you uncomfortable
Sport bra is like running shoes, which need to be considered usage period. If you wear them three or more times a week, should you have to replace it with a new one every six months.