Food That Make healthy

Our food at first. When God created Adam and Eve, He gave a definite clue about what they should eat. Genesis 1:29 says: “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it will be your food,” Food Adam consisting of fruits, nuts and wheat has been adjusted to include the entire plant after is expelled from the Garden of Eden. Genesis 3:18 “thorn and the thistle bush that will be generated for you, and tumbuhtumbuhan of the field will be your food.”

A thousand years later, after the Flood of Noah’s day, there was complete destruction of all plants, which led God to allow the animals as food. God says, “everything that moves, living, will be your food. I have given everything to you as well as greenery.” Genesis 9:3.
This special permit contains three requirements that are often overlooked:
The meat must be drained of blood. (Genesis 9:: 4)
Only animals that “halal” which should be used as food (Genesis 7.2; Leviticus 11:1-28)
Do not kill the animal if it is not necessary. (Genesis 9.5).
Vegetarian food is best for us
Science has discovered that human organs are specific to the functions and processes that work according to certain natural laws. This natural law, if followed, will keep the body healthy and working within normal levels. Deviate from this natural law can provide a detrimental effect on the human body. We were created to be vegetarian. There is a difference between herbivores (animals pemkan plants) and carnivores (meat-eating animals), for example:
MOUTH. Small human mouth open, while the meat-eating animals such as dogs have a wide-open mouth so big lump of meat can go into the mouth.
COMPOSITION OF TEETH. Humans have a series of cutting teeth with sharp teeth are flat or even used to crush and chew the food as herbivores (plant eaters). On the other hand, meat eaters (carnivores) have long canine teeth, strong and sharp for seizing and tearing flesh. Sharp fangs in his side until near the jaw used for cutting meat.
JAW MOVEMENT. Meat-eating jaw movement in the direction of open and close it. On the other hand the plant-eating animals have three different jaw movements – vertical or up and down to the side, or to the sides and front to back like a human clan.
GUT. Meat eaters have a simple stomach, small intestine is short, and the large intestine is very short, straight and slick. On the other hand, plant-eaters have a larger stomach capacity with the parts that are often complex, for example abdominal domesticated cattle / cattle-fold double. Very long small intestine and colon long and slippery. The human gut is not shaped like the meat-eaters.
TRACK SWEAT. Plant eaters sweat through the skin just like humans, while the meat-eating animals to sweat through the mouth. Ptilin human saliva contains enzymes, such as plant-eating animals, which are used to digest the starch, starch. Humans drink water by sucking / suck like plant eaters. While all meat-eating animals breathe with their tongues. Human bile salts such as plant-eating animals, rather than a meat eater.
Vegetarian Foods Prevent Disease
Since human beings are designed not to eat meat, no wonder so many diseases that arise as a result of frightening and consuming meat, including the inside of cancer, cardiovascular heart disease and cerebrovascular disease, such as heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, etc.. Science has long proven that a vegetarian diet can prevent these diseases. Much earlier, in 1961, the magazine “Journal of the American Medical Association,” states: “Food is vegetarian could prevent 97% of cardiac artery blockage.”
Butram Rita PhD, Head of Food and cancer at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) held that the 3540 America% of all cancer deaths had something to do with food. He further said that the U.S. NCI has determined in 2000 to achieve the goal of reducing cancer deaths by 50%. According to Drs. Butram, this goal can be achieved if people follow the advice of the American Institute of NO, as follows:
*Reduce fat to 30% of total calories
*Increase fiber to 20-30 grams of food per    day,with a limit of at most 35 grams.
*Maintain ideal body weight
*Eat more fruits and vegetables.
*Vegetarian food increases Endurance
Dr. Per Olof Astrand, a famous Swedish scientist, conducted experiments to determine the best foods for athletes. By selecting nine athletes to the experiment, they iamemberikan different foods, for three days. The food is as follows:
Phase I: a mixture of normal food
(Meat, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and butter). The athlete-pedaling on the stationary bike for an average of 114 minutes.
Phase II: a high protein and fat from animal
(Meat, fish, butter and eggs). They can pedal a stationary bicycle for 57 minutes before fatigue.
Phase III: high-carbohydrate foods
(Bread, potatoes, corn clan various vegetables and fruits). They were able to pedal a stationary bicycle for an average of about 167 minutes.
In other words, their durability is almost three times more when they eat vegetarian food than if they eat meat and other livestock.
Schontenden test a number of university students in Brussels to compare the labor force of people who are totally vegetarian against the people who love to eat meat. The students are required to attend two physical tests:
Pressing “ergograph” with the right hand
Weight lifting
The results showed that the vegetarians at an average of 69 numbers on ergograph and meat-eaters only reached 38 points. The most powerful vegetarian reached 1.457 in heavy lifting, while the most powerful meat-eaters only reaches 1.049. One thing that is surprising is that he found the vegetarians recover faster after strenuous so be better prepared to repeat the experiment were compared with their opponents.
No wonder most of the world’s athletes are vegetarian. What is the secret of the victory of these athletes? If an eating foods that contain carbohydrates, it is converted into glucose and stored in the liver (liver) and muscle in the form of glycogen. The amount of glycogen in the muscles necessary for converting ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) to ADP (adenosine diphosphate)-which produces power. Therefore, more amount of carbohydrates eaten, more power is generated. Meat contains no carbohydrate at all. Therefore, a vegetarian will produce more power.
Guidelines for a Food of the best:
VARIOUS VARIOUS • Use whole grains (whole grains) and vegetables.
• Prepare a meal as simple as possible, but attractive and bring in taste. Boiled, roasted or grilled, instead of frying. Avoid fat. Use all types of fats sparingly (vegetable oil, the better).
Eating Disorders:
Morning: Food of the best and most. (Breakfast like a king)
Noon: The second best food (lunch like a prince)
Night: Food lightest of the day (dinner like a beggar).
Do not eat between meals
He was a very strong. About 180 cm tall, a rancher who had red hair. A hard worker and his life was hard; father of three children and husband and a wife. And his wife fed him whatever he wanted. Steamed pork and eggs for breakfast, whole milk straight from the cow, grilled white bread or biscuits, butter and coffee. And cigarettes until noon, while he could enjoy the beef and potatoes are softened in a sauce that refreshed by the original milk, flour and broth from the pan fried meat. Likewise dinner.
Life is fun! …. Until the age of 47. Attack jantungl And then paralyzed for four years. Four years of fear of death, but fear of his life that he wanted to turn it! Then, finally, the last attack. The children had just left the nest. And now when they’ve just awakened to feel the need for a father – there is no father anymore “Statistics do not record the deep sadness, disappointment, expectations are frustrated, suffering, a bold attempt to adjust to loneliness. Sad. And actually it could hardly be Another totally out of it.
By following the principles of healthy foods that we have perbincangkan in this treatise, you can get the best health care in general. By following the guidelines rajapangeran-beggars, overweight you are no longer an issue. You will sleep more soundly at night if you do not eat a heavy meal at night should continue to digest while you sleep. Many benefits in addition to preventing disease, improving the strength. The important thing is, try for yourself and discover how your life is fun later! With God’s help, you can do