Nicotine Facts on Health

Nicotine is known as a substance contained in cigarettes and can cause dependence. But there are some other facts about nicotine is not yet known to the public. The Indians are the people who taught the world to smoke. It is known from the expedition of Christopher Columbus who brought the tobacco leaf was first given by the head of the Indians to Europe.At that time the Europeans are gullible and the use of tobacco as a remedy for headaches, fatigue and irritability.

The main components of this plant is named nicotine was found by French ambassador Jean Nicot in the mid XIV century, then people believe nicotine as a drug.
But half a century later became known dangers of tobacco and smoke on the human body, but only a few people who could say no to tobacco.
As quoted from Buzzle and nicotinefacts, Monday (19/4/2010) there are some other facts about nicotine that is still rarely known by the public, namely:
Most smokers believe that the effects of smoking can make peace. But psychologists do not agree with it. Meurutnya not the effect of cigarette smoke and nicotine on comfort, rather than sucking reflex. The doctors recommend for people suffering from severe insomnia can consume milk or other liquids through a straw, because it can soothe the effects of smoking.
Nicotine can be really useful as a drug if used properly and accurate dose. But so far people using nicotine for different things and in high doses.
In the American Journal of Psychiatry is known that nicotine reaction with oxygen to form nicotinic acid. Effects of derivatives of these compounds could be useful to the human body that is menenagkan, improve mood and stimulate brain activity, motor function and memory. If the nicotine molecule altered in such a way would not cause addiction like cigarettes.
Doctors have a term smoker’s face, because the skin of people who smoke 25-40 percent thinner than non-smokers. The longer a person smokes, the more diminished levels of collagen and elastin. But if someone has not been too long smoking, skin and face can be improved.
Psychologists classify heavy smoker as an adventure seeker. Consciously or more often unconsciously, they want to get more adrenaline and ignore the potential danger it’s no wonder a lot of cigarette ads that use extreme sports as an illustration.
Very few mothers who are ready to give up this dangerous habit for the health of her baby. Though smoking by mothers can affect the health of their children while still in the womb or not, because it can inhibit the intake of oxygen to the child.
A study says children who have allergies to dust, animal dander, food allergies, stomach ailments or dental cavities can be caused by smoke inhalation.
There are various methods that can be done in order to quit smoking, but the original method was first proposed by a British designer to wean cigarettes through the ashtray that is by showing something sinister in asbaknya. Some people can quit smoking with this method, but some are not successful.