Coughing is not immune to most antibiotics

Cough illness or bronchitis commonly prescribed antibiotics. In fact, according to research, it is not immune to most antibiotics treat a cough in adults.
In a recent study on the effectiveness of antibiotics, researchers randomly assigned more than 2,000 adults who suffer from cough to get the antibiotic amoxicillin or placebo for a week, aka drugs had no active ingredient.
In general, antibiotics are not effective in relieving the symptoms or duration of cough compared with placebo. The findings were also seen in people over the age of 60 years.
“The key message is unnecessary antibiotics for respiratory infections, especially if there is no suspicion of pneumonia,” said Dr. Philipp Schuetz from Switzerland.
He explained, only a few patients who would benefit from antibiotics and primarily those blood test results showed no bacterial infection. “Patients and physicians should refrain from taking antibiotics. If not sure, can do a blood test,” he said.
Participants in this study were over 18 years old and getting therapy of acute cough, cough alias they have less than a month. The researchers did not find any reason to suspect pneumonia lung infection that needs to be treated with antibiotics.
In the study, the participants were given antibiotics three times a day for a week. Furthermore there is no sign of improvement cough, they also complained of side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, and rash.
Improper use of antibiotics according to Schuetz can indeed cause severe diarrhea. Another thing to watch is bacterial resistance.
Because bronchitis is most often caused by a viral infection, antibiotics will not speed healing. What can be done is a lot of sleep, drink plenty of fluids, and using a humidifier at night.