Healthy Body, Diet Success? Eat Mushrooms

MAYBE you’ve heard the efficacy of fish meat that has complete intake of vitamin D to the success of one’s diet. But outside of the intake, it turns out eating mushrooms can also help the success of your diet.
Fungi in this case is this fungus is fungus shiitake.dimana is one vegetable that contains the best sources of vitamin D in the earth. In processing, if the dried shiitake mushrooms for six hours per day, levels of vitamin D will increase to 4 International Units (IU), while when dried increased to 26 IU.
Shiitake mushrooms are also known to contain some of the best content of the body that are proven to reduce cholesterol and boost immunity. Of course the content is very useful to smooth your daily activities. Similarly, as reported by Fox News.
Order more delicious mushroom intake and stay healthy, how to eat his own shiitake mushrooms should not be consumed directly, but combined fit of your favorite dishes, either stir fry, soup, or just enhance the flavor.