Because Of Tattoos, Women Prone Breast Cancer

TAK little lady with the tattoos that adorn his body. However, a recent study revealed that the inflammation caused by tattooing can lead to breast cancer.
Michael R. King, Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Cornell University, said breast cancer is associated with inflammation caused by tattooing. Because the cytokines cause inflammation in the blood stream making “road” that leads to the formation of breast cancer.
To find out how breast cancer cells spread through the blood and attaches to the cell, Michael examines women who adorn themselves with tattoos. In fact, inflammation caused by tattooing causes cancer cells spread through the blood vessel lining (endothelium).
Substance that functions as a regulator of the immune system in the body (cytokines) make clots and breast cancer cells trigger to release more cytokines. This is caused due to inflammation of the breast cancer tattoo.
The researchers say, blocking the spread of breast cancer depends on the inflammation that occurs in the outer skin cells because the effect on the endothelium. Therefore in order to avoid breast cancer, women should be aware of tattooing.
Although some people say tattoos can beautify the body, but if it can damage the body why should be done?