I Want to Quit Smoking – Or Can I?

How many times have YOU TRIED TO QUIT SMOKING?

How many more times than that have you found yourself saying ‘I want to quit smoking’?

Not as easy to give up smoking as you thought? More stressful and taxing than you anticipated?

Rest assured that it can be done. There are many smokers, myself included, who have successfully stopped smoking regardless of how much they smoked or how long they had smoked tobacco. These ex-smokers have accomplished what many have considered the ‘impossible’. But HOW did they do it?

How Did The Ex-Smokers Quit?

Of the many options available to us in conjunction with the abundance of stop smoking programs, was there any one program in particular that brought about the results that propelled smokers to the heights of becoming a non-smoker?

Most smokers who have smoked for any length of time have at one time or another, thought about quitting smoking.

In doing so, they’ve probably had their share of thoughts that instantly raced through their minds. Most prominent are the thoughts of fear. Fear of what you will do once you have successfully quit smoking, or perhaps, the fear of failure.

Many tobacco smokers have tried to give up smoking many times before they finally succeeded. Their first attempt is generally tried by going cold turkey. This is when you give up smoking suddenly without any real assistance from outside sources and ‘rough’ it on your own. Although this approach can be very effective, and many a smoker has succeeded with this technique, it is also the most difficult and brutal to achieve.

It’s also very possible that their success might of been brought about from a stop smoking program that worked like a charm for them the first time around. Or maybe still, their success might of been derived from gathering together the information and techniques from a particular stop smoking program that they had previously failed with from past attempts.

By combining the knowledge that they gained from their previous failures, along with the accumulation of the techniques that worked the best for them, they were able to reconstruct a personal stop smoking program that rewarded them with the success that they had so earnestly desired.

Know What You’re Up Against

There’s nothing new here to report about the harmful dangers of smoking tobacco. We all know that smoking is extremely harmful and that it kills. Chances are that if you’ve ever given any thought to quitting smoking, that somewhere along the line you’ve come into information detailing all of the harmful effects from smoking. And chances are, you probably didn’t like what you read.

Nicotine is a drug. A very powerful and addictive drug indeed. Nicotine not only affects your lungs, but is also a culprit for your shortness of breath. It also affects your heart, hormones, your blood vessels, your brain and messes up your metabolism as well.

As long as nicotine is in your system, it will always want to be fed it’s daily dosage. As you continue to smoke, it will always be there, always present, always tugging on you to feed it’s hunger with a fix. Not only is it physically addictive, but it also plays havoc on your mind.

There Are Stop Smoking Programs That Work

But only if you do.

I realize that is a bold statement, but it’s true. The majority of the stop smoking programs are oriented to provide you with all of the essentials that you’ll need to successfully quit smoking. But they can only do so much.

How Do You Want To Quit Smoking?

Will it be to go the cold turkey route, or will it be with the help of a stop smoking program of your choice? And that’s the paradox-which stop smoking program will you choose that will get the job done? This is serious business. Your health, your life depends on your ability to quit smoking. You probably don’t have very much time in your daily schedule to be spending time with a program that’s either wrong for you, or a program that probably wouldn’t of worked from the very beginning anyway.

Two Very Important ‘Secrets’ To Successfully Quit Smoking

Here are two very important keys to help you quit smoking. They are in knowing which program is best for you and the other important key is having the proper mindset. If you say that ‘I want to quit smoking’, then your want becomes desire, and from your desire comes determination, which in turn, your determination becomes willpower. It is your willpower and your willpower alone that will see you through your most crucial and challenging moments.