Check Your Calorie Intake to Stay Fit

I wish I had body like that college dude? Wish to have that fantastic figure but it’s not easy for you? Need to show that next door neighbor what it is to deal with this excessive weight? These are the questions which sometimes haunt us even in our sleep are you facing the same problem then not to worry cause all you need to do is change your lifestyle a little.
Keep a check on what you eat and in what quantity do you eat. Everyone in today’s world is trying to make it big where we pay very little or no importance to our body. However here is the issue to which we need to pay attention at the moment. As said “health is wealth” it’s true a healthy body and mind are the way to success. To ensure on this all we need to do is measure our intake of calories on daily basis.
What are calories?
Calorie is basically a unit of measuring the amount of intake a person needs to get required energy and maintain a fit body. Whatever we eat adds unto our energy levels which we use to do our daily work.
Where are calories found?
Whatever we eat contains calories. Calories are found in four components of foods. These are: carbohydrates, fat, protein and sugar
Why do we need to keep a check on our calories intake?
We need to check our calories intake in order to keep fit or else our body will take up excess calories and turn it into extra weight. Eating without weighing our calorie intake would be harmful in many ways because then we tend to gain excess weight , take up excess of one particular food component which can cause fatal diseases(e.g. eating excess of sugar can make you diabetic) also it tends to make us lethargic.
How many calories do we need in a day?
It differs as per the lifestyle and workload of the person. People with active lifestyle have different calories requirement as per the people who have sedentary lifestyle. Also your sex, age, height and weight make an important contribution towards the calorie intake check.
o Adult males – 1800 cal/day approx.
o Adult females – 1320 cal/day approx.
How do we keep a check on the calories intake?
We can keep a check on our calories intake by reading the nutrition values given on the food products. Ever food item has a nutrition value chart made on it which explains in details the exact amount of calories supplied by the product.
Also you can maintain a food dairy or food log in which you can write how much you have had in that particular day and how many servings have you taken. Then you can calculate the calorie intake by simply adding up the amount of food and converting it into calories intake during the day.
Also start controlling the amount of portion you take in:
So now all you have to do to stay fit is measure and eat. Instead of eating that junk food items switch to healthy and nutritive food. Also cut on beverages and juices and rather have wholesome fruits. Calories are important for a healthy body but one should know where to put a line. This will help you to figure out which is the food which is good for health also gives the exact amount of calories require not in excess or in deficit.