Why Women Easy Fat?

If you notice, obese women are more likely than men. Yes, weight gain faster women.
However, why is that so?
Pregnancy. The recommended weight gain during pregnancy is about 10-15 kg. However, many women are unable to lose weight after delivery. Especially on a diet after giving birth is not allowed because it will affect the quality of milk.
Easy emotion. Many women who claim to vent their emotions on a diet. While we were happy, angry, or sad, sweet foods will be the antidote.
Lazy motion. Women are also the most lazy to exercise. For women, exercise make up and even damage their appearance. So no wonder if the female body easily stretched laterally.
Genes. A woman’s body will naturally store more fat than men. According to Michele Olson, PhD, Professor at Auburn University Montgomery, men have more metabolically active mass in the body. The men were more likely to have a lot of muscle, heart and kidney size larger, and the amount of fat that is proportional to the total weight.
Each 1 pound of muscle can burn 6 calories. The heart and kidneys are the body of consumers, each of which requires at least 100 calories per day. And, of fat only burns 2 calories per ponnya.


Menstrual Not Normal, Alert Anemia

DO NOT take for granted that you are experiencing menstrual disturbances. If left unchecked, this can lead to anemia which harm your health.
One of the triggering factors of anemia is a condition of abnormal menstrual cycles. Menstrual blood loss can cause anemia is suspected.
“Menstruation is said to be normal when a woman menstruates the long term. Where general, women menstruate only once a month, but in some cases, none having to twice menstruation every month. This condition is said to be abnormal menstruation that causes anemia, “said Dr.. Nadia Ayu Mulansari, SpPD, of the Division of Hematology-Oncology Medical Faculty of medicine / RSCM, in a workshop themed media event Anemia, Identify Risks and Solutions.
In addition to the length of time, and abnormal menstrual cycles can also be a trigger of anemia in women. Unfortunately, many women do not realize that menstruation is a trigger of anemia in women.
“This pretty much makes anemia was found in women, they are not aware of menstrual disorders can lead to anemia. If you experience menstrual disorders, it is better check your blood health conditions, whether or not potentially anemia, “said Dr. Nadia.


Mental Disorder is Often Suffered Kidney Failure Patients

The kidneys function to filter waste from the blood the body metabolism to be excreted through the urine. In patients with renal failure, this lame filtering function requiring dialysis. In addition to the physical interrupt, apparently of complications of kidney failure can also trigger mental disorders.
“In addition to the long course of the disease, the patient’s inability and discomfort caused due to dependent hemodialysis machines is often a source of despair that leads to further psychological problems,” said Dr. Andri, SpKJ, Psychosomatic Clinic Psychiatric Hospital Alam Sutera Omni in electronic mail to detikHealth, Wednesday (03/06/2013).
Furthermore, Dr. Andri explained that previous studies revealing the relationship between the incidence of renal failure in patients with psychiatric disorders. This condition can occur in cases of acute or chronic renal failure. Some psychiatric disorder that often affects patients with kidney failure are:
1. Delirium
Delirium is a medical condition characterized by difficulty concentrating and impaired intelligence to confusion accompanied by lethargy. Delirium on condition of kidney failure associated with renal failure in removing toxic metabolites from the body through the urinary tract.
“The reason could be because the levels of urea in the blood increased (uremia), anemia and hyperparathyroidism. Condition can also occur due to an increase in diabetic patients receiving dialysis due to kidney dysfunction conditions,” explained Dr. Andri.
Usually with hemodialysis or dialysis patient cognitive impairment conditions will return to normal as usual. But there are times when some of these conditions persist.
2. Depression
Depression is a condition of psychiatric disorder most commonly found in patients with renal failure. The prevalence of major depression in the general population is approximately 1.1 – 15% in men and 1.8 – 23% in women. However, in patients on hemodialysis, the prevalence around 20-30%, it can even reach 47%.
“The condition of kidney failure hemodialysis is usually accompanied by a very uncomfortable condition. Fact that patients with renal failure, especially chronic renal failure that can not be separated from the rest of his life hemodialysis great psychological impact,” said Dr. Andri.
Factors lose something before there is such freedom, employment and independence are the things that is felt by the patients with renal failure undergoing hemodialysis. This can cause symptoms of depression were evident in patients with renal failure to suicide.
3. Disequilibrium Syndrome
These disorders are fairly common in hemodialysis patients and usually occurred 3-4 hours after hemodialysis, but it can also occur 8-48 hours after. This condition occurs because the osmotic imbalance and rapid changes in blood pH that trigger symptoms such as headache, nausea, muscle cramps, irritability, agitation, drowsiness, and sometimes seizures. Symptoms of psychosis can also occur.
“Usually, this condition occurs in patients undergoing hemodialysis for the first time. Condition usually occurs soon after hemodialysis, but can quickly improve if given proper treatment. Use of small doses of antipsychotic medication can be given to patients to cope with psychotic symptoms arising from this condition, “said Dr. Andri.


Health Club Marketing Secrets Revealed

A healthy diet and exercise… diet and exercise… diet and exercise! This is the mantra that most healthy people practice and preach daily. As such, it is no wonder that health clubs are very popular. But wait… before you dive in and get a membership subscription from the smooth-talking health club “consultant”, take a moment to understand exactly how they were able to convince you.
Many health clubs are employing rather dubious techniques to lure unsuspecting customers into their fold. Do all these marketing tricks really make you save money – or does the opposite happen? Below are some of the classic techniques used by gyms and health clubs to downright fool customers into spending more than they were led to believe.
See Behind those Health Club Marketing Tricks
Get a Free Year – Ever hear those health club gimmicks that allegedly give you 1-year of free membership when you pay for an entire year in advance? You are probably just really paying for two years worth of subscription. Ask around and see other health clubs and you’ll see that you’re not really getting much of a bargain. Don’t forget that gyms and health clubs are high-maintenance businesses. They need a lot of income to ensure optimal service for their clients so throwing in a full year of free health club access may indeed be too good to be true.
Low Monthly Rates – Is there really no catch to those extremely low monthly subscription rates? Well, no – most of the time there is a catch. And this usually comes in the form of very long contracts. These, of course, are not good. What if their service deteriorates a few months since you’ve started? This effectively puts you in a trap where you would have to pay for the entire duration of the contract regardless if you wish to leave later on.
Win a Free Membership Raffle – Fill a form for a chance to win a free membership to the health club. Few people have ever heard of anybody winning these dubious raffles but plenty have heard from unrepentant sales people over the phone trying to convince you to sign up in their health club! This is of course, thanks to the telephone number you conveniently provided to them by filling out the so-called raffle stub.
Free Training Sessions – Spending time with their exercise or fitness trainers won’t provide you with much information, but you’ll get plenty of sales talk. If they offer free training sessions, prepare yourself for a lot of hard selling and incessant talk about getting a membership. Let’s face it, after being entertained for so long, you’ll probably feel guilty not to sign up! You would do better by inspecting the premises instead.
Exaggerated Advertising – Ever see such low rates being advertised by certain health clubs? How about those money back guarantees? Or how about those state of the art gym equipment that promise to make your workouts painless? You would be surprised how far some health clubs go just to make a sale. Yes, many would stoop to lying just to make you get a membership. Always try to validate all their claims. Check the facility. Ask for specifics about the service agreement. Read the entire contract. If there is even a hint that they are lying about any of their services, then exercise (pun intended) your right to refuse their offerings.

11 Substance Danger in Cigarettes

Smoking habit has now become a lifestyle. Without realizing it, the harmful toxins in cigarettes gradually lead to many deadly diseases.
Nicotine is a dangerous chemical that is often misused. Nicotine in cigarettes is easy to find in the world where millions of people suck.
Nicotine works quickly from the lungs to the brain, which is only about seven seconds, which stimulates the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter or chemical compound in the brain that is important in creating mood, appetite and other brain functions.
Nicotine is also recognized to be one of the most addictive drugs. Users quickly become addictive. If someone suddenly stops taking nicotine addicts usually experience prolonged withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety and mood easily mess. This causes the addict requires more nicotine to help them be more relaxed and have a good mood. As a result, it is very difficult habit to break.
What’s in a cigarette?
If you think there are only in cigarettes nicotine content, then you are wrong. There are more than 4,000 chemicals in a single cigarette. Even some of them well known as toxicity (poison). Here are some of the harmful chemicals contained in cigarettes, quoted by the BBC, Tuesday (3/4).
1. Nicotine: Physiological effects include increased heart rate and increased blood pressure.
2. Ammonia: commonly found in toilet bowl cleaners.
3. Acetone: often used in nail polish remover.
4. Vinyl chloride: used as plastic or PVC pipe.
5. Cadmium: a highly toxic metal used in batteries.
6. Napthtalene: pesticide substances used in mothballs.
7. Carbon monoxide: toxic gases commonly released by motor vehicle exhaust or factory smoke.
8. Tar: a substance that causes brownish yellow stains on teeth and worse can reduce oxygen supply to the lungs.
9. Cyanide: the lethal gas was used in the second world war.
10. Formaldehyde: toxic liquid used to preserve dead bodies.
11. Arsenic: a substance that is toxic to the human body that is present in rat poison.
Come on! Stop smoking now!


Your Guide On How To Detox Your Body

The removal of harmful substances out of the body is known as body cleansing or detoxification. People who don’t detoxify their own body from hazardous materials tend to put on weight and also fall prey to different illnesses. Detoxification, whenever finished at least one time or twice every ninety days, can add a lot of energy to your life and will help you stay healthy and cheerful. For those who are wondering the right way to go through body cleansing, then the following guide can assist you in detoxifying your entire body correctly.
Drink plenty of water: It is one of the simplest along with efficient ways of detoxification. For anybody who is afraid of taking herbal supplements which assure a highly effective body cleanse then this one is for you. Drinking no less than 8-10 cups of water a day can serve as the perfect detoxifier. This really is primarily because; water increases your metabolic rate and aids in eliminating all of the toxic elements from your entire body by means of urine or excreta.
Adhere to a Liver Detoxification Diet: The liver in our body detoxifies dangerous elements and breaks down worn-out erythrocytes (mature blood cells that have hemoglobin) hence it is critical that you maintain it correctly. One method to do this is simply by following a liver detoxification diet. In this diet, you’ll want to stick to a diet regime consisting mostly of drinks including lemon juice along with other fluids. Nonetheless, while carrying out a liver detoxification diet, you’ll want to totally stay away from eating junk and fatty foods. This is because; keeping away from these kinds of foods will aid you to prepare your entire body for the liver detoxification diet and will also enable you to take advantage of the liver detoxification diet.
Undertake a colon cleanse: The colon is among the most significant organs within the human body simply because it flushes out the toxins from the entire body. While getting rid of the toxins, many of them stick to the colon and impact its functioning. Thus, if you wish to cleanse your body, then a simple colon cleanse will also help. The best way to undergo a colon cleanse is to undergo it under the help and advice of a medical doctor. Another simple method in which you can have a colon detox is by consuming lots of water.
Stick to a nutritious diet: Nothing works better than following a proper diet consisting of natural foods while body cleansing. In case you actually want to detoxify your whole body then you will need to contain foods such as fresh fruits and green and leafy vegetables into your diet. This is primarily because; vegetables and fruits tend to be fiber rich, which assists in digestion and therefore, helps in purifying your body. Additionally, you must stay away from oily and processed foods because they have a substantial amount of fats which in turn hurt your whole body.
One important thing to make note of while body cleansing is you must not overdo it. If you do then you’ll need to face the effects because you will end up accomplishing the exact opposite of what you wish to accomplish. Remember, body cleansing isn’t a thing that you have to do daily. It is a thing which needs to be carried out at least once or twice every ninety days to lead a proper, toxin-free and pleasant life. Therefore, what are you waiting around for, if you have never been through a body cleansing, it is the time right now for you to do it. Don’t fail to remember to see your physician or your health and fitness coach prior to going through body cleansing for their assistance will help you in obtaining the wanted outcome.

Placenta cut Adverse Baby Too Fast

Cut the umbilical cord or placenta so the baby is born, which is the current medical standards, be detrimental to the babies because they are at high risk of iron deficiency.
Labor experts and advocates minimal trauma (gentle birth) rate cutting practices placenta immediately after birth needed to be revised.
They said, let placenta stay connected with the baby for a few minutes a positive benefit because more blood is transferred to the baby. “When the baby is born, there is still a third of the blood in the umbilical cord and placenta,” said Belinda Phipps, of the National Childbirt Trust.
A study conducted by a team from the Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (RCOG) in 2009, states that babies umbilical cord is cut immediately have lower iron levels up period of six months later.
In fact, low iron levels are closely related to the development of the baby’s intelligence. Therefore, experts suggest that the placenta is left until it stops pulsating naturally, is approximately two to five minutes after birth.
Some hospitals are already starting to change procedures for handling deliveries. Currently also quite a lot of mothers who choose lotus birth delivery method that delaying cutting the placenta.
RCOG spokesman said, delaying cutting the placenta to the newborn is important and should be tailored to the situation.
“Research suggests delaying umbilical cord cutting more than 30 seconds will reduce the risk of anemia. This is because more time is available for the transfer of blood to the baby, especially in preterm infants,” he said.
However, there are some cases of childbirth complications that make the cuts more quickly suggested placenta. In principle, the safety is the mother and baby.


Down Weight Fast, Keep Cholesterol Body

REDUCE weight is going to make you look slimmer and ideal. If you are a healthy diet, losing weight it can benefit the body as a whole.
In addition to preventing obesity, research has shown that weight loss can significantly improve your health. Interestingly, weight loss of approximately 2.3 kg can make your body more refreshed. A healthy body can reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, type two diabetes symptoms, depression, and weight loss, as reported by Health24.
If lost 2.3 kg of body weight, you can control the type of fat in the body. The body needs cholesterol for making cells in the body to function optimally, but there are plenty of bad cholesterol that can make your body unhealthy. Cholesterol can accumulate in the arteries, then harden and allow blood to flow uninterrupted. When blood flow is interrupted, the heart has to work harder to pump blood to the body. The heart is working too hard will cause a heart attack or stroke.
The good news, with a weight loss of about 2.3 to 4.5 pounds, you can lower levels of bad cholesterol in the body. A study testing the benefits of weight loss on cholesterol and weight loss results will help you control cholesterol in the blood, thus preventing it from various cardiovascular diseases.


Stress Triggers Emotional Eater

ONE of eating disorders that may not be known by many people is an emotional eating. Eating excessive amounts of food in times of stress is a symptom of emotional eating.
Many people feel that to forget the stress one way to eat excessively. Without realizing it, these eating habits will trigger the sufferer to eat based on emotions. They think that the food is the only way out to get over the stress.
Emotional eaters often eat large portions. When they get involved in the food, they can forget their problems. When feeling emotionally upset, they can not control the urge, and ended up eating too much food, so that was launched Magforwoman.
Usually emotional eaters prefer fattening foods, such as sweet or salty foods. When feeling stressed up, they do not switch to healthier foods, such as grains or fruits. The study revealed that people are emotional eaters when they become a victim of boredom, stress, depression, loneliness, frustration, chronic anger, or anxiety.
Emotional eaters tend to gain excess weight. Although emotional eating is one of the reasons why many people become overweight, does not mean that someone who is overweight should be an emotional eater.


Apparently, Less Drinking can be Caused Constipation

CONSTIPATION is a digestive disorder caused by lack of fiber in the body. However, did you know that the lack of fluid in the body can cause constipation?
Digestive disorders such as constipation or constipation is synonymous with malnutrition in the body. But it is not only the lack of fiber can lead to constipation, dehydration or dehydration can also lead to constipation.
“What is not known by the public is the water also serves to cause digestive disorders such as constipation. Digestive tract is dried and made ‚Äč‚Äčinto hard dirt, this causes constipation,” said Dr. Dr. Luciana B Susanto, MS, SpGK, nutritionists, in a ceremony Water Can Prevent Dehydration (ABCD) Must Starts at School in Grand Sahid Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (02/28/2013).
Dr. Luciana also add, if you are constipated, then the emphasis on eating fiber but the lack of drinking water, this will make the dirt in the gut harder and aggravate health conditions.
“Increase fiber and balance by drinking plenty of water, because the water will help smooth the digestive tract and makes dirt easier excluded,” added Dr. Luci.