Chakra Healing for Optimum Emotional and Physical Health

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel and in ancient Eastern traditions chakra is the word used to describe swirling energetic hotspots all over the body. There are thousands of chakras from the tips of your fingers to the bottoms of your toes. However, there are seven major chakras that run from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. These seven chakras are what are commonly referred to when people talk about the body’s energy centers.
Chakras, as mentioned above, are energy hotspots all over the body that fuel the body’s entire energetic system with divine energy (also called prana or chi). Because everything in the world is made of matter, and matter is made of energy, we know that everything in the world is made of energy. Chakras are the energy centers found in all living things that keep them radiant with life.
Energy flows into and out of chakras which use it to energize the body’s meridians (or energetic blood stream). In addition to fueling the meridians, chakras directly provide the body’s organ systems, tissues, muscles, and cells with energy to flourish. Because physical and emotional toxins can clog the chakras, sometimes energy becomes blocked or stagnant and the organ systems the chakras feeds becomes deficient. Keeping your chakras healthy and clean is important in ensuring optimal physical health for your body.
The seven major chakras not only fuel the physical body with energy, they energize the emotional body as well. Each chakra is responsible for different emotions, feelings and perceptions correlating with aspects of your life. In fact, often times it’s the emotional portion of our being that controls the physical outcome. What this means is that often it’s an emotion, or an emotional tie to a situation in our lives that leaves our chakras depleted of energy. Negative emotions are responsible for many of the toxic clogs that result in our chakras being partially blocked. Because of this, many physical ailments or physical dis-ease is a direct result of years of emotional turmoil.
The tricky part with emotional dis-ease is that it’s not always known; meaning it may not always be stored in the 1/6 of the brain we use, called the conscious. Rather it is stored in the other 5/6 of the brain, or the subconscious. The subconscious can store many past emotional disturbances that may not have registered consciously but have deeply affected you on a subconscious and energetic level.
The good news is there are ways to clear our unwanted subconscious beliefs, conscious beliefs and the chakra centers. There are many techniques used by energy medicine practitioners to heal and restore balance to the chakras, as well as unravel negative programs being held in the brain and body resulting in emotional and physical dis-ease.

Threats Prevent Amputation for Patients with Diabetes

FOR people with diabetes or diabetes milletus, prone to injury and had to be prevented watch. Therefore, a diabetic will have difficulties to be wound dries quickly.
Of course, not a few people with diabetes milletus be faced with the threat of amputation. To prevent this, RS Puri Cinere Depok provide the best solution. Since December 18, 2011, unveiled a new health care facilities, the Foot Clinic and Diabetes Education in RS Puri Cinere.
Director Dr RS Puri Cinere Judiwan Maswar said, Diabetes Education Clinic Foot and RS Puri Cinere addressed to people with diabetes and their families who visit the hospital, as well as communities that require knowledge about the disease. And management of complications to support behavior change in lifestyle with diabetes mellitus to a better direction in order to achieve optimal physical condition.
“Foot Clinic Diabetes Education and is intended for people with diabetes to live carefully. Diabetes is one disease with complications enough. You’ll catch a stroke too. It is therefore important given the education, “said the man who served as Secretary General of the Hospital Association of Indonesia (ARSI) is to Okezone in Depok, West Java, recently.
Judiwan added that diabetes should not be regarded as a frightening disease, but how in the clinic can be educated that penyakt could be friends. In the form of diet and exercise regularly.
“Diabetes is if there are injuries, the healing length, dry hard, even if continued could lead to amputation. It be prevented, “he said.
Therefore, RS Puri Cinere also took gymnastics Diabetes Association (Persadia) Depok to hold exercises for people with diabetes. Gymnastics is held every Tuesday and Thursday is open to the general public.


Smoking Facts You Need to Know

As a result of research, smoking facts related to health are well established, whilst in our grandparents’ day, many facts about smoking were unknown. In fact, previous generations were completely unaware of the links between smoking and ill health. Unfortunately, many people subsequently became addicted to nicotine. Once the truth came out and began to hit the headlines, it was difficult for professionals, cigarette manufacturers and smokers to accept and a great deal of misinformation became available.
Now, however, we do know the facts about smoking. Despite this, a surprising number of people still take up the habit and the percentage of young smokers is quite alarming.
Interestingly, the first concerns about the dangers of smoking were voiced as far back as 1858, when fears about its effect on health were raised in the Lancet. However, it wasn’t until 1950 that the connection with cancer was first made and, as we know, some considerable time before that claim was accepted as the truth.
Smoking is by far the biggest cause of home fires, yet tobacco companies aren’t prepared to make safer cigarettes, despite having the technology to do so. And it’s not just smokers who die in the fires, but also their families, including children, and even some of the firefighters who try to save them.
Around 5 million people worldwide die every year because of diseases caused by smoking and many of them will experience months or years of debilitating illness first. Dutch researchers discovered that young people are about 4 times more likely to take up smoking if their parents both smoke. More teenage girls smoke than do boys in the same age group, about 24% of fifteen year old girls as opposed to 16% of boys. And the younger a person starts, the more likely she is to die prematurely as a direct result of smoking.
The incidence of minor illnesses is also increased in smokers, due to the immune system being compromised. In fact smoking affects just about every part of the human body. And it’s likely to shorten you life by anything from 10 to 20 years.


Three Important Facts You Mandatory Drinking Water

WATER white has always been known to have numerous benefits. But unfortunately there are still a lot of getting used to consume enough water.
Drinking white to daily obligations you have to do. Because the recent extreme weather that demands drastic temperature change makes people easily fall ill. But do not worry, simply by consuming water and keep the body constantly hydrated, was able to overcome that risk.
As you know the benefits of water consumed can regulate body temperature in any condition. As a result, water consumption can be a solution for a fear of falling ill.
So, what are the other vital benefit to consume water? Below are some important benefits of water consumed for your life, including the following:
Helpful lose weight
In a study published in the journal Obesity in 2010. Explained that adult dieters who drank a bottle of water before meals for 12 weeks is more then can shrink weight than dieters who did not drink water first.
Helpful prevent kidney disease
The results in 2010 from the University of Sydney stated, people who consume water in accordance with the physical activity, the lower the risk of chronic kidney disease.
Creating a better mood
The results that have been published in The Journal of Nutrition found that a young woman who suffered dehydration headaches, fatigue, mood deteriorated and difficulty berkonsentasi.


Spicy food consumption, even Fat Fast Losses

SEASON dry it brings blessing for those who have excess fat. Because the hot weather you feel it gives a positive effect on your diet.
Hot weather is known to make your metabolism work twice so that dieters do not need to be on a strict diet anymore. They just simply membarenginya by eating fibrous foods and drink plenty of water.
Eat more fiber
In hot weather, the body’s metabolic processes will be encouraged to work twice. Therefore, consume a lot of fiber such as fruits and vegetables to meet the intake. This is important in the process of fat removal, because when a fast metabolism, the process was much easier stool spending. Indirectly, fat removal became more effective. Not only that, by eating fiber foods, at least provide 25 calories per portion.
Plenty of water consumed
Consuming plenty of water is important for dieters during the dry season or the weather. Because the condition of the body when dehydrated more quickly go to fast will make your body hungry. Of course this would be contrary to the purpose you are tempted to consume a diet when eating later. To that end, it never hurts to put a bottle of water at my desk, or bring a bottle of water while traveling.
More mobile
You do not need to shrink the run-run-off weight. But focus on the exercises that make the body so slim. For example, the following class of pilates, squats, yoga, weight training and more.
Eating spicy foods
Spicy foods containing cayenne and ginger have benefits to boost the body’s metabolism. As a result, the body’s calorie burning too fast, and fats so rapidly shrinking.


1001 Benefits of Vitamin E for Male Sexuality

MANY sexual health problems experienced by men. Starting from erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, or a decreased sex drive. However, you can make the prevention of sexual harassment by taking vitamin E on a regular basis.
Vitamin E supplements can help keep your sexual health. There are many benefits that you can get from taking vitamin E on a regular basis. In one study, participants who consumed 400 mg of vitamin E showed an improvement in sperm motility directly impact male fertility, as reported by LIVESTRONG.
Consumption of vitamin E can also help improve your sex drive. Men who consume foods with vitamin E helps increase levels of testosterone in the body. Without sufficient testosterone, sexual stamina and arousal will decrease.
Vitamin E also helps the men who live in urban areas vulnerable to free radicals. Free radicals are known to damage the quality of sperm. Vitamin E helps the body to prevent damage to sperm and increase sperm count in your body. Consult with your doctor to get the right dose of vitamin E.

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Balikpapan, (29/01). Kabintaldam VI / MLW Col. Inf Damar Teguh Santoso aerobic apples on the ground led Bekangdam VI / MLW Jalan Sudirman Balikpapan Tuesday, January 29, 2013.


Keep Fit body? Keep These Three Things

Lately, bad weather makes many people sick. However, the condition does not have to happen if you can keep your exercise routine, diet, and adequate rest.
The third thing itself is the body that sustains the health of a person. If a do three things, body condition will always fit.
“If one wants to maintain fitness, they should keep three fundamental health. First, regular exercise, consumption of foods with balanced nutrition, and adequate rest. As long as they can keep those three things, surely your health is always good. Conversely, if there is one that is not maintained, it will definitely interfere with your body’s health, “said Rizal Idrus, winner of L-Men of the Year 2012 as well as the health consultant.
Furthermore, Rizal-as he was usually called-explained, this exercise can be done with cycling, jogging, swimming, or as you like. Then for the food, the menu can be varied, which is obviously still have no protein, vitamins, and adequate nutrition. As for the rest, he said, try rest should be fairly easy disease will attack you.
“Three is a cardio workout that can shield you from all diseases. Exercise can be done according to the activities that make you comfortable, food could also varied, origin persists protein, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are sufficient. But for sleeping, this is not negotiable. You see, enough sleep can make your immune system and hormones in the body awake stable. So, for those who want to feel fitter body continues, rest enough. It’s one of the keys, “Rizal lid.


Nicotine Facts on Health

Nicotine is known as a substance contained in cigarettes and can cause dependence. But there are some other facts about nicotine is not yet known to the public. The Indians are the people who taught the world to smoke.


Difficult to Teach Children Brushing Teeth? Use the following trick

VERY difficult to teach children to brush their teeth regularly. Although you have done a variety of ways, often to no avail.
If you are also experiencing difficulties, you should create creativity in teaching them brushing. Here’s a tip that was launched Femalefirst.dalam encourage children to brush their teeth.
Get used to brush teeth in the family
Your child is a role model in terms of caring for their teeth at home. Therefore, they need to see you do it first. Do it together and the kids will feel part of the group, to keep in mind is the kids love to imitate, and this is important.
Give praise
Give praise when your child brush your teeth. Give them a compliment by congratulating a simple way in which they are brushing their teeth every time they are given credit for good behavior.
Do not force
If they refuse, sometimes it is difficult to tell the kids to brush their teeth, but do not force them. If they have learned before, then they will feel less when not brushing your teeth. They will tend to resist if you force him to go brush my teeth.
Use toys as an example
Brushing your teeth does not have to be boring habit, but may also enjoyable. Let your child pretend to brush their teeth first doll as an example, so that will teach your children to think that the toothbrush is fun. After that your child is not likely to resist when their turn arrives.
Explain to them the importance of brushing teeth
If you want your child to brush their teeth, your child needs to know why they should do it. Tell them about gathering bacteria in the mouth can make rotten teeth and cause gum disease if they do not brush.