Four Reasons Why You Need Daily Health Assessments

Daily health assessment helps you take control of your health. While many people believe their health is completely out of their hands, this is far from the case. When a person begins to look at the state of their health and the state of their well-being, they might realize they need to make a change. But without any base of comparison, it can be difficult to see the progress of the changes they do make. In order to ensure that you are watching your health and watching it move in a positive direction, you need to consider daily health assessment and monitoring. Here are four reasons why health monitoring is necessary.
Reason 1: You Need to Know Your Health Starting Point
When you first use a health monitor, you will find out where your health is at right now. Since you might not know how healthy you truly are, it’s always a good idea to begin somewhere and then make changes based on those findings. Plus, when you know where you are beginning, you can track the progress of your health as it moves in a positive direction, hopefully. If you find that the health numbers are moving in a negative direction, then you might need to make more changes or you may want to see your doctor for further guidance. Though you may be nervous to find the current measure of your health and well-being, you need to be armed with this knowledge in order to reach the goal of more perfect health.
Reason 2: Health Changes When Your Habits Change
With each decision you make, you are impacting your health. From the foods you eat to the exercise you get, your body changes nearly daily. When you are able to use health assessment tools, you can find out which changes are helping your health the most. For example, if you’ve decided to remove meat and animal products from your diet, you can instantly see how this impacts your body now and in the future. In doing so, you can be encouraged to continue eating well and keeping this change in your life. Your body changes on a daily basis, so watching it on a daily basis makes sense and it makes you constantly aware of how everything impacts your body.
Reason 3: Finding Disease Early Increases Chances of Restoring Health
For most people, disease and illness doesn’t happen suddenly, even if it seems to be that way. Instead, diseases tend to creep up in small steps, allowing you the perfect opportunity to make changes before the disease progresses too much. With health monitoring and assessment, you can continue to check in on your health regularly. In doing so, you will be able to notice smaller changes in your health, which can alert you to disease. If you make health adjustments to your diet and the poor numbers are still there, it might be time to seek assistance from a medical professional.
Reason 4: Motivate Yourself to Keep Up Healthy Habits
The best reason for using daily health assessment is that it can help you to stay motivated. While you may want to slide back into old patterns and habits, seeing the numbers change will allow you to notice just how helpful you’re being to your health – or not. In knowing exactly where your health is, you will be able to make changes right now and stick with these changes. Seeing that the numbers aren’t improving as much as you like can alert you to the true benefit of healthy practices. Getting to the gym or cooking dinner at home will be more enticing as you know you’re making a difference in your life.

The vegetables keep you from the dangers of breast cancer

Carrots have long been known both to the eye. Carrot was also good for the brain and breast cancer prevention.
Carrots have a compound called luteolin that can reduce memory deficits, often associated with age and inflammation in the brain. These benefits were obtained by tests on rats who consumed 20 milligrams of luteolin, and found carrots can reduce inflammation in the brain.
In fact, researchers said the compound also restore memory ability of young rats to the current level. This is certainly good news, that your brain can continue to function despite maximal in old age.
Meanwhile, the other benefits of carrots are not less important, which is effective in preventing the development of breast cancer cells. This is based on research results, where respondents who consumed at least three times a week wotel avoid the risk of breast cancer by 17 percent.
The condition can occur because the carrots are rich in carotenoid antioxidants (antioxidant carotenoids). These compounds help protect against oxidative DNA damage, an important step in the process of cancer.
Furthermore, the researchers found that women who eat carrots can reduce other causes of cancer, namely estrogen negative press. This is of course one of the important points, which touted estrogen accelerates the development of female breast cancer cells.
Therefore, it would not hurt you store carrots in the fridge. Because, with that vital content, carrots can keep the brain continues to function optimally and also prevent breast cancer.


Poor Habits Cause of Sensitive Teeth

AS is endless if we wanted to try a variety of foods from all over the archipelago, could even be a fun hobby. But make no mistake, it can actually be disastrous when you have sensitive teeth.
Whatever you eat, especially foods hot, cold, sour, and sweet flavors will cause a sharp pain in the teeth for a moment. Therefore, foodies, Bondan Winarno admitted always put dental health.
“Every day I have always wanted to taste the different types of cuisine. To support that, dental health is a major requirement. If healthy teeth, what can be sampled. Ice cream, meatballs, hot soup, chili mango and young, all can be enjoyed anytime. Sensodyne proving that sensitive teeth can be overcome, so that we no longer need to avoid foods and beverages that maknyus, “said Bondan in Thamrin, Central Jakarta.
Meanwhile, there are several causes of tooth sentitif. According Ariandes Veddytarro, GSK Dental Detailing Manager, it can emerge from our bad habits daily. There are at least three daily habits that can cause sensitive teeth:
Brushing your teeth too hard
Brushing your teeth too hard does not mean to make the teeth become clean. You see, brushing vigorously to reduce tooth enamel.
Eating excessive acid
Sour taste also it can damage tooth enamel. So eroded enamel which will make open dentin. Because the layers have a small channel to the millions of nerve, if it is open will cause a sharp sense of pain.
Habit of chattering teeth
The third habit is more to the unconscious, most people usually are not aware if he often menggemeletukkan teeth. Friction between the teeth that it can damage the enamel.
Therefore, to determine the cause of sensitive teeth, you can avoid it early. Or choose to protect your gear from the start with toothpaste that contains specifically for sensitive teeth.
“Handling of dentin hypersensitivity likely due to the lack of empirical understanding of the transmission of feeling pain through the dentin. However, some theories proved that blocking channels in the dentine (dentine tract occlusion) as one of the essential requirements of the ‘desentisizing agent’ to be able to effectively relieve pain on sensitive teeth, “explains Ariandes.


Healthy and Slim with Peanut Butter

One of the most commonly consumed breakfast menu urban society is bread with a smear of peanut butter on it. In addition to practical, this menu can also be consumed by all ages, ranging from children to adults.
Peanut butter has long been known as a healthy diet to help lose weight. Even a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association says that eating 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) of peanut butter for 5 days a week can reduce the risk of diabetes by 30 percent.
Dailyspark site mentions, behind the healthy benefits of peanut butter there are some interesting facts possessed like peanut butter:
– Peanut butter was introduced first time in America in 1904
– Peanut butter consumption reached 1.3 kg / person per year
– Men prefer peanut butter coarse textured
– Children up to the age of 12 years likes to eat peanut butter because it tastes delicious
– Women and children prefer creamy peanut butter
– 12 ounces of peanut butter with nuts 540.
Content of nutrients and healthy benefits of peanut butter
These foods also contain many essential nutrients the body needs. Each 2 tablespoons of peanut butter contains; 3 milligrams of vitamin E as an antioxidant, 49 milligrams of magnesium for building bones, 208 milligrams of potassium which is good for the muscles, and 0.17 milligrams of vitamin B6 to boost immunity.
Peanut butter is also rich in protein, fiber, and monounsaturated fats, which can make the stomach full longer, healthy digestive system, and does not make you gain weight.
The experts believe that patients with insulin resistance and then eat a diet rich in monounsaturated fats, such as peanut butter, fat deposits in the abdomen has fewer than those who ate saturated fat diet.
Peanut butter also contains polyphenols, an antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals that have the ability to damage cells and tissues that can lead to cancer.
Not only that, peanut butter is a good source of resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant in menecgah various diseases such as, heart disease, degenerative nerve, Alzheimer’s, and viral and fungal infections.
To get the health benefits while maximizing your diet, eat peanut butter with wheat bread. Wheat-based bread has more nutrients and lower in calories than regular bread flour, so that when combined with a smear of peanut butter on it, then you can get a double benefit.

child health

Posture Back Pain It Causes Impaired Children

THE growth is one important moment for your child. Good growth will form the ideal posture for your child.
Forming the ideal posture for children is very important. It is also associated with child health. But a lot of activities or habits that can lead to a form that is less good posture, such as slouching.
“Postural Kyphosis or humpback is one posture disorders are common in children. Fact occurs mostly in girls. Habits are not sitting upright, playing computer too long, they cause slouch in children,” said dr. Siti Annisa Nuhoni, rehabilitation medicine specialist fissile RSCM, in an event Recognize Kifosi, Stay away Cause: Osteoporosis, in Kasablanka City, Jakarta.
In order not to trigger a worse condition. Parents should know the child’s symptoms are felt, especially on the back.
“The symptoms can include muscle pain and weakness in the back. Weakening of the back muscles, ligaments also can lead to postural kyphosis,” said the doctor who is familiarly called dr. this Honi.


Six Pack body, habit Healthy Food Consumption

NOT abdominal exercises only, consume foods that help form the abdominal muscles are very important. Because, by eating a variety of foods to support muscle growth and you can get six pack abs faster.
Yes, eating the proper intake to get athletic stomach is very important. Even for some of the experts, food intake is more important than doing a series of exercises abdominal muscles.
As is known, to obtain athletic stomach, you should eliminate any fat around the abdomen. To that end, certain foods that can facilitate the removal of fat to be one of the important points in order to process the abdominal muscles more quickly formed.
So, what kind of foods should be eaten in order to accelerate the formation of abdominal muscles? Here are the types of foods you should eat in order to quickly obtain athletic stomach:
Eating foods containing unsaturated fats
This is due to the unsaturated fat can help brain function, liver, and other body functions work. It also reduces central body fat distribution to, or stomach. As for eating foods containing unsaturated fats, you could be directed at the choice of nuts, wheat, avocados, and dark chocolate.
Adding herbs in daily diet
Red chili, green, saffron, and paprika has thermogenic properties, which affect your body heat. Where it creates body heat rise in metabolism (the process of absorption of nutrients) to help your body burn fat. It does no harm, now adding kitchen spices that can support your success. But remember, do not eat too much food, because too many herbs that have thermogenic womb can cause indigestion.
Eating healthy food and clean
To burn fat in the body should eat healthy foods and clean. Research has made it clear that a healthy and clean foods, or foods that are the most natural condition and not processed provide nutrients your body needs to perform activities efficiently. This condition is very important, because when the body runs efficiently, the body will naturally burn more calories than fat reserves. Clearly this is good news for men to crave a six pack body.
Meanwhile, the intake of healthy food and clean, you can get by eating lean beef, chicken, fish, tofu, beans, fruits, and vegetables.
Keeping the body hydrated
The human body contains over 70 percent water. Therefore, your body needs water to survive and function properly. When the body is well hydrated, pengirimanan nutrients to your organs smoothly, and deliver oxygen to your cells, removes toxins in the body as a result. In addition, drinking water will help your body maintain a higher metabolic process conditions, thus burning fat in the body more effectively and fluids in the body remains stable. Similarly, as reported by LIVESTRONG.


New malaria drug discovered

Tropical Diseases Research Center, Airlangga University Surabaya find active compounds in the extract Cempedak tree (Artocarpus champeden) and bitter (Andrographis paniculata). In the clinical trials, Cempedak extract can cure malaria patients within five days of treatment.
This was conveyed by Aty Widyawaruyanti as Chairman of Antimalarial Drug Research Team at the Institute of Tropical Disease, Airlangga University, Surabaya. This explanation was delivered during a visit by journalists who held the Ministry of Research and Technology.
In the study, which is also clearly Aty researchers from the Faculty of Pharmacy Airlangga University, known to some of the active compounds, especially flavonoids known heteroflavanon C interchangeable crippling malaria parasites. “Clinical trials have now come to the second phase, that of the malaria patients,” said Aty.
The second phase of testing involved 60 patients. At diberika treatment dose 2 tablets a day. After a few days the patient is fever and chills. On the fifth day the patient recovered.
To be produced and marketed, still needed two more stages involving more patients, “he explained. Drugs should also be reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.
Cempedak as an investigational drug regimes since 2001 has now obtained a patent for the extraction and isolation of active compounds. Patent registration as an antimalarial drug. Herbal ingredient called Artoner is packed in capsules for trial to the patient.
“This product pharmaceutical research, although only 70 percent had stage clinical trials are in demand by a pharmaceutical industry to produce,” added Head of Laboratory of Phytochemistry herbal ITD, Achmad Fuad Hafid.
Other research
Cempedak research to cure malaria, further Aty, traditionally inspired its use in Borneo for malaria drugs and mosquito bite prevention rub solution. Besides Cempedak also conducted research on the allied plants jackfruit, breadfruit tree, and breadfruit. But not as good as Cempedak usefulness.
While the research conducted on bitter herbs also found that antimalarial compounds Androglafolida. But for herbs that have been consumed as a herbal medicine that has not reached clinical trials.