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Sandal Health Benefits

Current health sandals aplenty in production. Sandals sandals can memabntu your health in curing a number of illnesses such as cholesterol, high virgin, and other enyakit disease.
Sandals baisanya we know as footwear that is used to protect your feet from things that can be dangerous things melulai distance eg sharp rocks, so it’s been a lot in sandals made with different types of models. Not only models beautiful models on offer but these sandals sandals on offer denganbeberapa function can mebantu humans.

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A Closer Look at Kronic Legal Herbal Incense


Legal herbal incenses are very popular these days: they are legal, safe to use and they help you relax and let off some steam. No matter if you want to enjoy a relaxing night and relieve the stress that has accumulated throughout or you just want a pleasant scent to fill the entire home, the Kronic legal herbal incense can do just that.
Why Buy Kronic Incense?
The effects of stress on the body and mind are no longer a secret for anybody. Unless you keep stress under control, it can affect your liver and cause depressions in the long run. Fortunately, these herbal supplements heal your body and your mind by stimulating the natural hormone release.
Serotonin, also known as “The Happy Hormone”, is actually a neurotransmitter that is responsible for that amazing sense of well-being. This is exactly where Kronic herbal incense steps in and supports the harmonious effects of serotonin on your body. Everything is done in a safe, natural, legal and side effect-free manner!
The mechanism of action is simple: the herbal incense blends relax your mind and your body and they allow you to cleanse your mind of stress and all the negative thoughts and energy. No matter if you plan to use Kronic herbal incense in the intimacy of your home, or you want to make it a great gift for friends, you can easily order this legal herbal incense (and many other products) at, quickly and without the hassles! You can buy Kronic online and have it delivered at your doorstep within several days.
Have you had a tough week at work, where you had to deal with deadlines and all sorts of pressure? Do you plan a weekend party with your friends and you are looking for a safe and natural stress reliever that will chase away boredom and routine? Do you need a relaxation agent that will help you benefit from your Yoga session at the fullest? Then the Kronic herbal incense is certainly what you need. This incense combines a strong, relaxing aroma with the healing powers of herbs that help you relax and spice up the atmosphere at the same time. Forget about the day-to-day worries and start enjoying life – Kronic herbal incense helps you do so!
Another important aspect about this herbal incense is that there are no limits in terms of usage – you can use it on a daily basis if you are going through a tough time, or you can use it every once in a while, for special occasions or to create a romantic ambiance. Kronic herbal incense will certainly redefine the way you see relaxation and meditation!
The bottom line is that burning incense can help you relax and get the peace of mind you are seeking, in the intimacy of your own home. You can easily order safe herbal incenses online, with only several clicks of the mouse. If you need an energy boost or you just want something to stimulate your vitality, then Kronic can help you do so. is committed to delivering high-quality products in a timely fashion.

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Causes of lazy eye in children

Parents need to know the cause of lazy eye or amblyopia in children, said pediatric ophthalmologist from Jakarta Eye Center Kedoya, Dr. Florence Manurung, SpM.
“The eyes of the children’s development. But nothing prevents the development of eyes,” said Florence on Saturday.
Impaired development of vision in childhood will result in a severe reduction in vision.
Florence explained further that this disorder is generally confined to one eye, but sometimes the disorder also occurs in both eyes.
child's eyes“Obstacles that may interfere with the development of cataract or refractive eye like minus, plus, or cylinders,” said Florence.
Florence explained that the brain is used to seeing things blurry, so currently can not be repaired immediately see clearly, thus giving the impression of eyes.
Normally at the age of four years developing brain that processes vision is almost complete.
“But if the brain used to the blurred vision, it will be difficult to increase the ability to see after brain development is complete,” said Florence.
Then Florence emphasized that amblyopia can be handled safely when the child is under the age of four years, before brain development is complete.

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Fiber Fruit for Your Child, You Should Not Juice

PARENTS often trouble persuading your child to eat vegetables and fruits. No need to bring it in processed juice if they could still be persuaded.
“Levels of fibers exist in fruits and vegetables, but if you manage it with juiced, what can be obtained kids? Should not be juiced,” said Hermien Susilo, Chef Unilever Indonesia Country to Okezone after the Jakarta Food Editor’s Club in the region Pakubuwono, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta, recently.
fruit for the little guy
When vegetables and fruits processed by juiced, the nutrition in it will not diasup children. According to him, the kids only get water intake.
“Because it’s blended, then vegetables and fruits emit a lot of water. Automatically, the fiber content of vegetables and fruits was late, no more fiber into the child’s body,” he added.
The best way, affirmed Chef Hermien, using a spoon to scrape the fruit. It is a safe way to keep the little fiber intake.
“When chewed, the fiber content will get more than juiced. Fruits, such as bananas, can be scraped with a spoon while vegetables should be processed with other ingredients,” he explained.
“Choose food that is sweet, because the most accessible children than any other sense,” he concluded.

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If Change Toothbrush Do not Wait fur Damage

A toothbrush can be a nest of germs. You also need to replace them regularly. Do not wait until the new scruffy toothbrush bristles replaced. Because eventually replace the toothbrush can make the cleaning of plaque and calculus from the teeth and gums are not optimal.

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Exposing Infants in the Morning, Need?

RAY morning sun supposedly good for the bones. Many people believe that if in order to get strong bones, babies need to be dried in the sun.
Where parents who do not want to have a healthy baby? Various methods were adopted in order to give the best to the child. Unfortunately, this practice is still associated with a variety of myths that developed in the community.
One myth that is known is the exposure allows the baby in the morning, which he said was good for growth and development. However, did it need to be done?
“Sunlight is good for bones, but more bad effects,” said dr. Mohammad Ramadan Rachadian Beautymorphosis when met at the event, Kuningan, Jakarta, Thursday, March 7, 2013.
According to dr. Rachadian, the benefits of drying the baby is not balanced by the adverse effects that may result.
“The baby’s skin is still thin, the result will be bad. Quite possibly the next skin become older quicker, dull, and various other negative effects,” he explained.
To get strong bones, dr Rachadian more suggest a healthy diet and the right supplements.
Sun exposure for infants should also be limited. “A maximum of four to five minutes is really enough for a baby,” he concluded.

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Posture Back Pain It Causes Impaired Children

THE growth is one important moment for your child. Good growth will form the ideal posture for your child.
Forming the ideal posture for children is very important. It is also associated with child health. But a lot of activities or habits that can lead to a form that is less good posture, such as slouching.
“Postural Kyphosis or humpback is one posture disorders are common in children. Fact occurs mostly in girls. Habits are not sitting upright, playing computer too long, they cause slouch in children,” said dr. Siti Annisa Nuhoni, rehabilitation medicine specialist fissile RSCM, in an event Recognize Kifosi, Stay away Cause: Osteoporosis, in Kasablanka City, Jakarta.
In order not to trigger a worse condition. Parents should know the child’s symptoms are felt, especially on the back.
“The symptoms can include muscle pain and weakness in the back. Weakening of the back muscles, ligaments also can lead to postural kyphosis,” said the doctor who is familiarly called dr. this Honi.