Effective Ways to Improve Your Health

Health is our most important asset, and without good health we cannot hope to find fulfillment and happiness in our lives. When you work to improve your health, you are moving in the right direction. Good health is the key to a happy and successful life, and all it takes is a little care and attention on your part.
There are many ways to improve your health. Depending on your lifestyle and temperament, you could indulge in a health improving process that will significantly enhance the quality of your life.
The demands of modern day life compel us to stay healthy and energetic throughout the day. Surviving in this modern competitive world is no small matter; each one of us needs to deliver our best and work relentlessly towards success. To achieve outstanding results you undoubtedly need to constantly improve your health and have enough energy and vitality to successfully perform the tasks for the day.
Good health is essential not just for working professionals but also for those who stay at home and take care of the family. Elderly and retired people are similarly in great need of sound health to live a smooth, pleasurable life.
You may be much occupied to consider how to improve your health, but it is of vital importance that you take out some time and do a self analysis on your eating and drinking habits. It is rightly said that you are who you eat, and the quality of food and drinks that you consume will go a long way in building up good health and well being.
The best way to start to improve your health is to look at what you are eating and drinking. A healthy person requires a wholesome, balanced diet that consists of the right minerals, proteins, vitamins and other essential nutrients. In the hustle and bustle of daily life we tend to ignore our eating habits, unaware of how badly it could affect our health in the long term. Eating healthy and fresh food is the best way to improve your health and make sure that your body gets the right amount of nutrients.
Your everyday diet needs to include plenty of vegetables, fresh fruits and juices. It is also essential that you drink around 6 to 10 glasses of water everyday. Cutting down on coffee, tea and other beverages is also a good way to keep your body clean and healthy. The perfect way to improve your health is to treat yourself with fresh food and drinks, and in no time you will develop a healthy constitution.
Apart from a well balanced, healthy diet, we also need to indulge in physical activities such as exercise, walking or jogging. Any form of physical activity is a great boost to your health. Even a brisk 10-minute walk is a great health booster during your busy days. Exercise and brisk walking releases the harmful toxins from your body, keeping you fit and energetic throughout the day.
There are many ways to improve your health; keeping yourself in a positive frame of mind, eating and drinking right, and indulging in appropriate physical activity is certain to bring you good health and good cheer.

Approaches to the development of human rights indicators for women’s health

We propose that human rights indicators related to women’s health be developed. First, we present two published examples from Burma and Afghanistan that illustrate how specific violations of human rights have been related to women’s health outcomes in the literature. We then review the state of current human rights measures relevant to women’s health, propose a process through which new indicators can be developed, and discuss potential challenges. An instrument that can be incorporated into household epidemiological surveys could be used to identify human rights violations pertaining to the health of women, with the ultimate goal of improving health and realizing rights for these populations. 


Drinking Milk Make Women Longevity?

Calcium is an essential nutrient to protect and maintain healthy bones. In general, calcium is found in milk and vitamins. However, a research study published in The Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM) says that taking supplements containing calcium to 1,000 mg per day can also help women live longer. Is this true?
Although calcium is an essential nutrient for bone health, previous research has linked calcium supplements with the risk of heart disease. The researchers analyzed data from the large-scale multicentre Canadian Osteoporosis Study (Camos) to try to clarify this issue and trying to find the right dosage that calcium supplementation has a beneficial effect in women.
“Our study found daily use of calcium supplements was associated with a lower risk of death among women. Benefit seen for women who take doses up to 1,000 mg per day, regardless of whether supplements containing vitamin D or not,” explains David Goltzman, MD from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, as reported by Medicalnewstoday.
At The Longitudinal Cohort studies have been monitoring the health of 9,033 Canadians between 1995 to 2007 and during that period, 1,160 participants died. Although the data showed that women taking calcium supplements had a lower risk of death, but the study did not find strong evidence for men.
“A high intake of calcium has been potentially linked to a longer life span in females, regardless where the source of calcium. That is, the same benefit was also seen when calcium derived from milk, non-dairy or supplements, “Goltzman lid.


Here Disorders Common Sense Happened on Your Taste

One’s tongue consists of small molecules which are very sensitive to taste. At birth, one is able to identify about 10,000 taste, but this ability decreases as you age 50 or when you experience a sense of disorder.
tongueWhen these cells are stimulated sensory sense, he’s sending a message through three specialized taste nerves to the brain, where otaklah which will identify specific flavors. Each cell is capable of responding to a sense of one of at least five basic taste qualities: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami.
Umami or savory, is the sense that you can get from glutamate, which is found in chicken broth, meat extracts, and some cheeses. A common misconception is that the cells that respond to taste lies in the tongue certain, but different types of taste cells scattered throughout the tongue.
People who experience a sense of disorder, has been linked to a problem with the sense of smell. When you chew your food, the smell of food is released to activate your sense of smell through a dedicated line that connects the throat to the nasal roof.
If these channels are blocked, such as when the nose is blocked by a cold or the flu, odors can not reach the olfactory cells in the nose are stimulated by the smell. As a result, you will not be able to enjoy the taste of good food. Without smell, the food tends to taste bland and unappealing taste.
More than 200,000 people visit doctors each year because they have problems in identifying the odor and taste. Impaired sense can have a negative impact on health and quality of life.
Here are 3 types of disorders the most common sense, as quoted from Only My Health, Tuesday (05/03/2013), among others:
1. Phantom taste perception
Impaired sense of the most common is phantom taste perception, the perception of flavor that often last long on the tongue even if you are not eating anything.
2. Hypogeusia
You can also experience a decreased ability to identify sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami, a condition called hypogeusia. Some people may not be able to detect any tastes, which is called ageusia induced by specific channel interference between the senses of taste and smell.
3. Dysgeusia
Dysgeusia is a condition in which the tongue taste the salty rotten, rancid taste sensation, or metal that persists in the mouth. Dysgeusia sometimes accompanied by burning mouth syndrome, a condition in which a person experiences a painful burning sensation in the mouth.


It's Easy to Stay Fit and Healthy

Are you being bombarded with the message that you should be healthier? We’re always hearing about how we need to be more fit, physically. Television, magazines, books, and billboards all deliver the same message: Get in shape! Adopt healthier eating habits! Of course, the irony here is that these ads are often promoting new, “light fare” menus at local restaurants. Most consumers are genuinely confused about what they need to do in order to adopt that healthy and fit lifestyle they are told they need. If you aren’t sure what to do to stay healthy, keep reading!
Make sure you drink a lot of water each day. Experts and doctors agree that people need to drink at least sixty four ounces of water each day (eight 8oz glasses worth). There are many incredible benefits for having proper hydration. Proper hydration can aid your body in fighting off diseases. Many of the body’s functions require water. And water accounts for a large percentage of the human body. Also: if you substitute water for all of the coffee, tea, soda, juice and alcohol you might normally drink in a day you can radically reduce your calorie intake and lose weight. Even without cutting out the other drinks, drinking cold water daily can help you lose as many as five pounds a year.
How many times have you heard that you need to get regular exercise? The reason that this gets repeated is that it is true. You must get regular exercise. You must move regularly. Build up your energy levels by moving regularly. Your muscles will not allow you to do what you need to do if you do not use them regularly. Keeping your organs functioning and blood vessels open is what happens when you exercise. Some exercise in order to get ripped but it’s not necessary for most people. Your health depend on your lifestyle and exercise habits.
Cook all your foods from fresh ingredients. This makes it easier for you to control the ingredients in your food. Being able to control everything that goes into your meals is the best way to ensure that you aren’t eating any nefarious chemicals or preservatives. Even packaged foods that claim to be natural can be filled with ingredients that you may not want to put into your body. The other side of the equation is that you can make sure you’re getting plenty of the foods you’d like to eat and enjoy. Cooking is easy-it seems daunting when you are learning but the more you work at it, the better at it you will be. You may even discover you enjoy it in time.
There are many ways to stay healthy. You don’t even have to run all the time and eat nothing but vegetables. Being healthy begins with taking time for yourself and making smart health decisions. It’s great to begin with a good diet. Get up and move around. Decide today to take better care of yourself. After you do, you’ll feel a lot better.


Locating Drug Rehab Centers

There are many reasons to consider a drug rehab center. The most common one is because you or a family member has a drug addiction that is not being effectively treated by their primary care physician. There are many considerations in play when you are looking for one.
There are many people who struggle to pay for a drug rehab center treatment program by themselves. Fortunately, many insurance plans will cover some or all of the cost of this program, due to the associated decrease in other healthcare costs associated with being free of drug addiction.
Finding a center that is close to the patient’s family is frequently advised because the family can visit and help the patient reintegrate into society following their treatment, which can make the process easier on both the patient and their family members. The reverse can also be true, if you feel that getting away from it all would help your family member.
There are many features of these drug centers which are less common, but frequently useful. For example, many drug addiction patients have co-morbid mental health diagnoses with requires them to coordinate with their existing mental health provider.
For some, there may be a mental health issue that has not yet been diagnosed. In fact, studies have indicated that a large percentage of drug rehab patients also have a mental health issue, even if it has not been previous diagnosed. Whether the drug addiction predates or postdates the mental health problem is less clear, but given the large percentage that have mental health issues, finding a drug rehab center that also treats mental health problems is advisable.
There are some rehab centers that are more accommodating to family members who are interested in being part of the treatment process than others. If your family has suffered as a result of the drug addiction that the patient has, you might want to look for a drug rehab center that allows for family therapy.
The style of the centers is important to some people. Some prefer calm, natural settings, while others prefer more clinical settings. If setting and style matters a lot to you, this will be a factor you will want to pay attention to when you are choosing a drug rehab center.
There are many things to consider when you are looking for a drug rehab center for your family member. You will want to look into price, location, treatment options available, and the style that is common to that center. You should look online for reviews from other people who have used that center and see if you feel comfortable entrusting your family member to their care.

The date on Adult Teeth Associated with High Risk Heart Disease

Tooth loss is a natural thing occurs in children because of the milk teeth will be replaced by the permanent teeth grow old eternal. Eternal tooth loss in adulthood is not normal because it has been associated with a higher risk of heart disease.
Researchers at San Francisco analyzed data from almost 16,000 people in 39 countries that provide information about the health condition of their teeth, including how many missing teeth in adulthood, and the frequency of bleeding gums.
About 40 percent of the participants involved in studit is apparently only had less than 15 teeth, and even about 16 percent no longer have teeth due to periodontal disease, while 25 percent reported having bleeding gums.
Researchers found that any decrease in the number of teeth, there are elevated levels of harmful enzymes that promote inflammation and hardening of the arteries. The study authors also noted that tooth loss may be a marker of risk for heart disease, elevated levels of “bad” cholesterol (LDL), high blood sugar and high blood pressure.
People with fewer teeth are also more likely to develop diabetes, with the risk increasing as much as 11 percent of any reduction in the number of teeth.
Tooth loss in adulthood is more common in smokers or former smokers. While the bleeding of the gums has been associated with the level of bad cholesterol and high blood pressure.
The results of these studies will be presented on Saturday (9/3) tomorrow at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology (ACC), in San Francisco, as reported by Everyday Health, Friday (08/03/2013).
“The reason associated relationship between teeth, gum health and heart health is still unclear. We believe that there is a relationship between systemic inflammation, the presence of bacteria in the blood of infected teeth, the plaque bacteria that attack the heart,” explained Dr. Ola Vedin, of the department of medicine at Uppsala University, Sweden.


Free Info on Healthy Eating For Younger Looking Skin

Would you believe that having a healthy diet and eating healthy does not only bring you good health but also good skin? Yes it does. There is truth in the saying “you are what you eat”. If you are not really convinced yet, here are some free info on healthy eating for younger looking skin:
Eating foods that contain high Vitamin C would decrease the tendency to develop wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.
Being one of the potent antioxidant, Vitamin C is also very important to lower the possibility of contacting cancers. It also strengthens the immune system of the body to fight diseases, protects the heart and promotes good looking healthy skin. Citrus fruits are rich sources of Vitamin C. Papaya and potatoes also have high content of Vitamin C.
Taking foods that are high in linoleic acid are believed to prevent skin dryness and atrophy. Safflower, sunflower and corn oil are some of the foods that contain high concentration of linoleic acid however, you should ensure to take just the right amount of this fatty acid to prevent undesirable disease conditions.
A balanced and healthy diet containing healthy fats, whole grains, vegetables and fruits are essential for a healthy body and good looking skin.
Some foods are also used as main ingredient for some of the beauty regimen like cleanser, scrub, moisturizers and facial masks. Some of the foods that you can prepare and use externally on the skin include avocado, yogurt and oatmeal. Seek out information about how to prepare these to make good facial mask, scrub or moisturizers in your respective homes.
Having a healthy body and healthy skin cannot be achieved with one or two nutrients only. Your skin needs the essential nourishing in the right amount at the right time in order to be healthy. Seek out free info on healthy eating for younger looking skin. Eating good food on the body will show up on you healthy skin. Healthy foods will keep you healthy and feeling great inside and out.

Lose Weight, Not That Avoid Carbs

IF you are trying to lose weight, it is important to know the right way to lose weight.
The food we consume rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and minerals. Reducing them can cause disturbances in the body.
Carbohydrates are one nutrient that is often avoided for reasons to increase the weight. Carbohydrates provide energy for the body’s vital, but at the same time, it is not healthy for the body. Therefore, carbohydrates should be consumed in limited amounts if you want to lose weight.
Here are the facts about carbs that you should know as reported Magforwoman.
Affect the body’s insulin level
When you eat carbohydrates, your body will release high levels of insulin. This prevents the fat burning process. This means, the more carbohydrates you eat, the more fat you get. Therefore, it affects your weight loss. Many women opt for a low-carb diet to lose weight.
Carbohydrates should be consumed in the right amount
Many women in the weight-loss diet avoiding carbohydrates in the diet. This actually proved harmful to the body. Certainly, carbohydrates affect your weight, but if you really stop eating carbohydrates, it may be harmful for the body.
Carbohydrates provide the energy essential for body functions. Therefore, consume the right amount will help you.


Drinks Cold Flu Triggers Not Proven

Cold drinks are often blamed as the trigger of a cold or the flu in children.
According to dr. Herbowo Soetomenggolo, SpA, a pediatrician at Women and Children’s Hospital Hermina (2/7), until now there has been no evidence that cold drinks can cause colds.
Research actually shows if the sweets and oils can actually cause pain.
“Sweet food is a food virus, whereas a mediator for germ oil,” said dr. Bowo.
According to the book “Diets for Healthy Living: Dr. Linda Page’s Natural Solutions to America’s 10 Biggest Health Problems”, sugar prevents the body fight bacteria that can cause flu-like symptoms.
Eating foods that contain a lot of sugar, such as cake, candy and cakes can prevent the body deal with nasal congestion which is a common complaint when cold.
Sugar makes the mucus in the respiratory tract last a long time and because of the warm and moist mucus, making it a convenient medium for the virus.