This way your child avoid diabetes

BABY born of gestational diabetes results or toddlers who have a potential obesity to diabetes. Take preventive steps early on can prevent your child from that risk.
It is expressed as dr. Dyah Purnamasari, SpPD, Staff Division of Metabolic Endocrinology, Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia. He said that knowing early treatment, then do so risk-free that important points, such as providing a lot of physical activity and teaches healthy lifestyle.
“First, avoid children playing games. Son was addicted to the game when, they often eat late and minimal movement activities. Course this is the opposite, where the prevention of diabetes that have a lot of physical activity,” he said in an interview in the event themed Diabetes in Women , Kencana Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Central Jakarta, recently.
He added that parents should provide or include activities such as attending early childhood physical activity or routine morning walk. But despite all that, said dr. Dyah, which is the main invite your child maintain a healthy lifestyle.
“To introduce and give an explanation to a healthy lifestyle, it is important to prepare a healthy generation. However, there are things more important and should be noted, that the behavior of the parents themselves. Because the child imitate what parents are doing. This is natural when parents just introduced without making healthy lifestyle habits in a family environment. efforts will be useless, “added the woman was smiling.
Regarding infants born to mothers who had gestational, he said, most powerful way to provide breast milk for six months as needed. This could happen because breast milk is the best nutrition to not only remove the thirst of the baby, but could protect, destroy bacteria, and stabilize glucose in infants.


6 Combinations Improve Food Benefits

Almost all foods contain good benefits for the body. In fact, there is an increasing food benefits when combined with other foods. For example, there is a reason why or tenderloin steak satay better when accompanied by a drink orange juice or orange juice. You want to know?
Coffee and sugar
Many say that the benefits may be more pronounced if the coffee drunk without sugar. But according to a study published in the journal Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental, if you drink coffee added sugar, in the area of ​​the brain associated with attention to work more efficiently than if you drink coffee without sugar. As a result, you can work more productively. If you are not a coffee drinker, try drinking green tea with extra honey.
Fish and turmeric
Curcumin (turmeric, component in turmeric) and DHA (omega-3 fatty acids are found in oily fish such as tuna, salmon, sardines, or mackerel) to protect the body from some types of cancer, and prevent cancer cells to multiply. The combination of fish and turmeric will be able to slow tumor growth and the spread of types of breast cancer cells than when these compounds interact with cancer cells separately, according to a study from BMC Center in 2011. According to the researchers, DHA helps the cells to utilize turmeric (See recipe: Fish Cooking Turmeric, Pepes Mackerel, Sardines Pepes Mushrooms, Grilled Sardines Vegetables, Sauteed Salmon Balut Egg).
Whole wheat with garlic or onion
According to the study, add sauteed onions to the menu that contain whole grains can make the menu more healthy. Therefore, this combination can help increase the absorption of iron and zinc, a mineral that is more easily absorbed from animal sources, according to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Iron helps spread the oxygen into the cells, while zinc is necessary for immunity and healing wounds. It is estimated, on bawanglah sulfur compounds that help the absorption process.
Nuts and green vegetables
Legumes (such as chickpeas, kidney beans, peas, or soybeans) contain iron, while green vegetables contain vitamin C. When both are taken together, vitamin C in green vegetables helps convert iron in nuts to more easily absorbed by the body. This combination is very effective when you eat poorly absorbed iron, which is commonly found in vegetable sources, such as tofu, spinach, raisins, and cereal were given iron content. Some sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits, cabbage, red peppers, celery, and papaya.
Tomato and olive oil
Olive oil contain good fats and high antioxidant, which when added to fruit or vegetables can help you to absorb some fitonutrisi better. The journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine revealed that tomatoes are consumed with sunflower seed oil or olive oil, likopennya levels rose in the week. Lycopene is the compound that gives red color to tomatoes, red peppers, and watermelon. This compound is believed to reduce the risk of breast cancer, heart disease, and lung.
Meat and vitamin C
Red meat, fish, or poultry, contains iron which is needed for the body’s cells convert energy in food into energy molecules used by the body’s cells. According to Pamela Hinton, PhD, in his article in the Health & Fitness Journal, we should combine the meat menu with foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges. Therefore, these alloys will increase the amount of iron absorbed by the body. So if you are enjoying the tenderloin steak or lamb skewers, order orange juice as well.


Long Term Health Care Options

As you grow older, housing may pose more and more of a concern, especially if your health is failing. If you are worried that you may not be able to take care of your basic needs as you age, such as cleaning, cooking, bathing and maintenance, then looking at your long term health care options is an important choice. Let’s start right away with your options.
In-Home Care
In-home health care is the best option for people who have a higher level of fitness, and want to remain as independent as possible throughout their later years. In this situation, home health care nurses may come and visit you daily, or every couple of days, to take care of your everyday medical needs. Also, a housekeeper may be utilized, as well as a personal health care attendant, who would be responsible for more of the day-to-day living help – such as a companion, driver, cook or the like. In-home health care is quite easy to locate; just contact a nurses’ association or look in the Yellow Pages.
Continuing Care
An intermediary between nursing homes and independent living, continuing care, or retirement communities, offer a wide variety of health benefits and services to their inhabitants. These communities are usually all-inclusive, where dwellers receive lodging, meals, social events, varying levels of health care, and sometimes other perks as well.
Entrance fees for these establishments can be quite high (ranging from $10,000 to over 300,000); added to their monthly fees (ranging from $800-4000), and this option can prove to be expensive health care. However, services are guaranteed for the remainder of your life if you choose this option, and if your health falters, you can always be moved to the nursing home portion of their health care facility.
Because of the all-inclusive nature of this kind of health care, you’ll want to read the fine print carefully in your contract. What are all of the recurring and one-time fees? What exactly is covered with those fees? What health care options are, and are not offered? Do you need to purchase extra health insurance to cover your specific care costs? Also don’t forget to check up with the Better Business Bureau about the status of the facility you are interested in; if you plan on living there the rest of your life, you may want to double check it’s reputation, too.
Nursing Homes
In a very simple sense, nursing homes will take care of your health care needs when you are no longer able to. This may be for a short period of time while you are recovering, or for a longer period of time as you age. Nursing homes are the whole meal deal of health care for the elderly or otherwise incapacitated. If this is an option that you think you may require, there are many things to discuss and consider when looking at your options. Does the home provide the type of care that you will require? Research the history of the nursing home; are there any black spots on their record? Talk to people who have lived there, have used their services, or who are still living there now, if at all possible. Get their viewpoint.

Transform Your Body

Is that really possible? I know quite a few marines, sailors, and soldiers that will tell you, absolutely! In April of 2007 we started a popular 12 week challenge at our military base Camp Fallujah, in Iraq. Being the MWR (morale, welfare and recreation) department, we wanted to offer a program we believe to be of great value to our troops.


Can a swim during menstruation?

Perhaps we often hear the myth ban swimming during menstruation. However, if we want to be more observant, many women who work as lifeguards, swimmers, divers, and water plant expert who swim during menstruation. Then, what about the swimming ban?
Hormonal changes that occur during menstruation providing pain and discomfort in some women. However, in fact, swimming can help alleviate the complaints.
Swim during menstruation is an effective way of sport. According to Shape magazine, swimming can reduce symptoms of discomfort due to menstruation, such as stress, fatigue, and pain.
Swimming can also help make the quality of sleep improved. The buoyancy of the water also can support the body and reduces back pressure to restore back pain that sometimes arise during menstruation.
In order not to “leak”
One thing that is feared to swim during menstruation menstrual blood is leaking into the water. To prevent this, women can use a tampon while swimming. Most tampons are designed specifically for sports. However, if you are not used to using tampons, pads can be selected. Only, clothing and sanitary preparation of extras to consider.
When will swim, before a new use tampons or pads. Tampons and pads that are filled with menstrual blood would make a higher possibility of leaks. Additionally, many bacteria that grow in tampons or pads that can be invaded into the bloodstream, causing poisoning. Directly change tampons or pads that are used after the swim.
If you are still worried despite wearing a tampon, try to swim in a large place, like the ocean or a lake, instead of in the pool. With swimming in these places, the possibility of realizing smaller leaks.


Your Body Reflects Your Mind

When you think of getting into shape, getting healthy or changing your lifestyle, you most likely think of diets, exercise and supplements. What you may not realize is that nothing you do on the outside can ever be long-term without first tackling what is happening on the inside. Until you get your thoughts into shape, create a healthy mind and change how you think about you, you can never create the vision you have of yourself.


Recognize Symptoms of Worms in Infants

USUALLY, worms occur in adults. But not infrequently, worms attacked, infants aged 0 months-1 year.
Recognizing the symptoms of worms in infants may not be easy. However, you can mark it with some of the symptoms caused. dr. Edy Jo, Sp.A (K) explains there are a variety of signs and symptoms that occur in infants with intestinal worms and was almost the same with the kids and adults.
-Baby will seem lethargic, weak, limp and pale or anemic. This was due to worms in infants who are blood-sucking parasites that exist in the baby’s blood vessels. The blood-sucking worm was hookworm and whipworm.
Makes a very special baby worms are underweight and malnourished babies look like. This is due to ascaris worms that absorb nutrients from food. This characteristic can be seen from the graph KMS (Card towards healthy) babies who are less good or obtained malnutrition.
-Babies fuss and looks uncomfortable. Most likely cause of infant found in their anus discomfort or itch but can not scratch it. Anal itching can be a symptom of intestinal worms.
-Cough prolonged. This should watch out, because it can happen to the baby if the worm had infected the baby’s lungs, thereby disrupting the baby’s respiratory system.
-Disorders of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, such as diarrhea and constipation. This happens because the worm has disrupted metabolism in infants infant digestion.


Nutrients Guarantee You Younger

NUTRITION like antioxidants help the body prevent the free radicals that may attack your health. To prevent this, there are many nutrients that you consume that can help the body against various diseases.
Antioxidants are important elements which purify the body and helps you stay young. By blocking the process of oxidation produced by free radicals, they reduce the harmful effects of free radicals. Since antioxidants are usually not produced in the body, we need to intake through additional products.
Antioxidants include vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, lutein, lycopene, carotenoids, and abundant in fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, whole grains, red meat, poultry, and fish. These are antioxidants to help keep you young, as reported by Magforwoman.
This substance is present in green leafy vegetables and egg yolks. Lutein is very good for the eyes and skin because it helps the organs in the body is directly exposed to the outside environment and need to be protected.
Carotenoids are pigments that create colorful plants. These nutrients are present in apricots, broccoli, pumpkin, spinach, sweet potatoes and that is the reason why fruits and vegetables are colored variety. Generally, the darker the color of the fruit or vegetable, the concentration of carotenoids in which the higher than usual carotenoids. Carrots with a bright orange color, a good source of beta-carotene.
vitamin A
Vitamin A helps form and maintain healthy skin, teeth, bones and soft tissue, and skin. Vitamin A is abundant in carrots, egg yolks, butter, cheese, and milk.


Nutrition Supplementation

Nutrition Supplement – nutrition.
Nutrition supplement is a term familiar to most of us. So what is nutrition supplement and why is it so important? Nutrition, by dictionary definition, is the sum of the processes by which someone takes in and utilizes food substances. One of the main advantages of utilizing food substances is the intake of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, herbs, etc. These are the things that make our body healthy.

Health Care & Medical Healthy

Diabetic Breakfast

Diabetic Breakfast Ideas Assuming that happen to be diagnosed with diabetes, must be very disciplined with the foods you eat. It is considered that the conclusion of a diabetic menu clean and healthy is important to you, but also because you must choose the right foods to curb diabetes adapted as best as possible and take into account, the food you eat should be protected of long-term damage done by diabetes – that antioxidants that low GI foods.
Maintain strict control of these criteria, it is important to carefully choose their dishes, especially breakfast, because it is one of the most important meals of the day. In addition to diabetes breakfast, should emphasize the preservation of the highest values ​​of fitness and wellness, apart from typical examinations to maintain total control of diabetes.
He came to breakfast with diabetes, may be surprising for you to keep in mind that food breakfast diabetic breakfast menu for diabetes can be easily created good and exciting. It also indicates that breakfast recipes diabetics are more troublesome, as there may be tried in the past.
Nutritious breakfasts with diabetes are achievable if you can add your personal touch and an artistic style to be a little different.
Breakfast is recommended for diabetics:
The first and most important thing to remember is that food for diabetics should be “low glycemic index.” This indicates that the Revenue diabetes should include foods that do not raise blood glucose quickly and really should be kept low blood sugar level for many hours. It should be noted here that the amino acids have a distinct advantage over processed grains to maintain the level of blood sugar constant. Therefore, the right grain for a person with diabetes would certainly whole-grain barley, oats and whole grain rye to name a few.
Diabetes good breakfast idea also may contain peanuts, tomatoes, blueberries, channels of low-fat cheese and apples, bananas, peaches, etc, but the proportions of reality should be advised and managed with a licensed physician.
Selection of real estate for diabetic food for breakfast:

  1. Diabetic Lunch Menu # 1: Find a single slice of bread that could be grilled to your liking. Apply a teaspoon of margarine on bread, you can put a cup of egg substitute or cheese on toast. If you support something hot and melts in the morning, you can change the cottage cheese / egg substitute cup of oatmeal mixed with a cup of skim milk and may opt for a bit of banana.
  2. Two plates of food for diabetics: a cup of fresh blueberries and a cup of whole milk, nonfat or low-fat with them. You can change the blueberry muffin with a little cranberry cake alternating with a glass of whole milk (fat).
  3. Three plates of food for diabetics: Take 2 slices of whole grain wheat toast and 2 tablespoons of propagation. peanut butter in them. You can get a cup of tea of ​​coffee (use low fat or fat, if desired) and a few bananas.
  4. four. Plates of food for diabetics # 4: Spanish Tortilla: In this small course of diabetes, you may need 5 small potatoes, peeled and chopped, vegetable oil, medium onion, 1 small zucchini, cut from a cup sliced ​​thin green pepper chopped red or mushrooms to 5 on average, 3 eggs, beaten together 5 beaten egg whites, 3 oz shredded low-fat mozzarella cheese, 1 tablespoon low-fat cheese and parmesan pepper garlic salt and herbs to taste.

Once you have organized almost all of these things, you have to preheat to 375 degrees pan and then prepare the potatoes in boiling water until tender. At this point, you want to add cooking spray and heat over medium heat in a nonstick skillet. Shortly after this, you must add the onion until golden and jump and then add the vegetables and saute until finally juicy but not brown. Then beat the eggs and egg whites in moderation, pepper, garlic salt and low fat mozzarella cheese in a bowl and stir the mixture through the egg mixture and cheese into the cooked vegetables. Then you want to add more vegetables and potatoes spray and spread the egg mixture to a child of ten. pie plate or ovenproof skillet. The final phase is almost all about removing the tortilla from the pan, let cool for ten minutes, and cut right at 5 or more rooms.
five years. Five diabetic lunch menu #: Caribbean Red Snapper: For this excellent diabetic tasty breakfast food, you may need 2 tablespoons organic olive oil, chopped 1 medium onion, sliced ​​red bell pepper cut Strip cup red pepper, a clove garlic, a cup of dry white wine. Pounds of red snapper (or salmon or chicken white meat) steak, sliced ​​1 tomato in size, two tablespoons. dice and ripe pitted olives 2 tablespoons. crumbled low-fat cheese or feta cheese low fat ricotta.
Once you have done each of these elements is necessary to heat the extra virgin olive oil over medium heat in large skillet. Now is the perfect time to put the paprika, onion, garlic and carrots and stir for a break of 10 minutes. Subsequently, in particular wine and bring to a boil and turn the vegetables to one side of the pan. Now you need to keep the fillets in a single layer in a saucepan and cover the center and cook for five minutes is. Then add the tomatoes and olives and cheese. At present, cover and cook for 3 minutes or until fish is firm but tender. Subsequently, the fish move into the dish and garnish with the sauce and vegetables. Serve with rice.
With these ideas incredibly small breakfast for diabetes and diabetes, you certainly can control diabetes and give your palate something to celebrate in, finally. These great-tasting dishes with diabetes can make you feel at all like the breakfast delicious and healthy with diabetes are feasible to do in your kitchen.
Here are some tips for diabetes healthy breakfast could help more than more than half.
Recommendations balanced breakfast for diabetes:

  • Avoid packaged and fast foods, which are high in sugar, fat and sugar and low in nutrients.

Eat home-cooked meals so that you are well informed that all factors are used to wash the dishes.
Stay away from foods rich in carbohydrates that release their sugars quickly.

  • Avoid the bread and dough based products.
  • Choose low-glycemic diet index diet high in fiber.
  • Oats, wheat bran and fruits are excellent choices for a feed breakfast selection of diabetes.
  • Stop the bacon and tomatoes, which can cause obesity.
  • Low-fat soft cheese, green pea cakes, club sandwich, buttermilk pancakes, oatmeal, poached eggs, low fat yogurt, tortillas, and may be the best diabetic breakfast meals.
  • Many vegetables can be eaten without restriction. For many other vegetables that are eaten are higher in fiber and low in starch.
  • It’s great that consists of different types of salad vegetables, onions, carrots, mushrooms, turnips, green beans, eggplant and garlic (if possible) in the breakfast menus for diabetes.
  • It is better to add the soy sauce and vinegar with spices instead of lettuce minimum.
  • Stop the heavy and flat, alternately, at the restaurant 6-7 times a day in small portions.
  • In addition to these guidelines for diabetes nutritious breakfast, which allows access to other ideas that can support you to control diabetes to some degree.
  • It is vitally important for diabetics to avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. If alcohol can not be free of all is that moderate consumption will advisabale dry wine and brandy.
  • The mineral water is desirable in the tap.
  • The level of blood sugar can be adjusted by the addition of a c. Seasonings tea cinnamon 1 / 2. at each meal.
  • Take a good time for sandwiches properly and avoid watching TV, having a conversation, and to explore newspaper while eating.
  • Check the amount of your diabetes at regular intervals and regularly consult a physician.